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Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #175 - Super Expensive
« on: January 18, 2023, 06:17:21 pm »
Weekly Design Contest #175 - Super Expensive

Pretty Simple: Design a card or card-shaped thing that has a 9 or greater in it's cost.

Please submit your entries by 11 am UTC, Sunday the 22nd. Judging will take place on Monday, and the contest will (hopefully) end on Tuesday.

Thank you, and have fun!

Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Mechanics Week 48: Terrible Terror
« on: November 12, 2022, 02:10:55 pm »
For this week's challenge, Design a card or card shaped thing around Terror.
Terror is a non-supply Night card:

It's half of a failed mechanic in my attempt at a Horror expansion. Unlike curses, Terror doesn't count against you, but they're harder to get rid of. I decided on 20 Terror in a pile.

I've never judged anything before, so while I will try to judge based on balance, I'm probably going to judge based on which card looks the best to me, sorry.
I like pretty pictures. Please use to make your cards.

Judging will occur on 11/18/22, so a new contest can hopefully be posted next Saturday.

Thanks and Have fun!

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion: Horror
« on: July 29, 2022, 11:36:28 pm »
This is a Work in Progress
So I've been making a whole bunch of cards without ever putting them together into sets. This is my first fan-expansion.
Main mechanic: Dread. Certain cards make you "Take Dread" - a state that encourages you not to play very many cards.

Basically. each time you play 5 cards from your hand on a turn, you gain Terror.
FAQ: Dread:
Like other states, you can only have one Dread at a time. taking Dread when you already have it does nothing.
There's a copy of Dread for each player.

This is Terror.

FAQ: Terror:
I'm still debating how many copies of Terror should be in the pile. I'm comparing them to Horses, with the return-to pile thing, so I'm starting with 25. The pile isn't supposed to run out, is what I'm saying.

Current cards I've made that give Dread:

Cards that can gain you Terror on their own:

Second mechanic: Removing cards from play.

Other cards for the expansion:

FAQ: Eclipse
Eclipse can play Night cards during your Action phase, (and vice-versa). That's the reason it gives +1 Action.
FAQ: Spectre
Spectre will never be discarded from play on the turn you play it; it either sets itself aside, or it sets another card aside. The turn after is fair game, like any other duration.


And that's all I got. A total of 14 different Kingdom cards, 7 of which I made previous to thinking up Dread + 3 Events.

The other concept I have is a reverse side to Dread called Contentment, which prevents an instance of dread, perhaps? I'm debating just throwing that idea out of the window, but I might change my mind.

Another mechanic, with the new wording for dread, is cards that remove themselves from play (like horses)

Clearly, just this is not enough for a full expansion. I'll be working on this more, if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Cards I am working on at the moment:

(thank you SignError for the Dread wording help)

Variants and Fan Cards / Ways but for Treasures
« on: July 26, 2022, 12:53:37 pm »
So, I've tried to do this a couple times, but I actually succeeded a little this time.
These work exactly like Ways, but for Treasures. You play a treasure, but instead of following it's instructions, you follow the "Path" or what have you.
I called them Paths, but honestly all that matters is Mechanics right now.

The main pitfall here is that you start with 7 Treasures right away, and excluding coppers, while not a bad way to make these, is kinda sad.
I also want to avoid messing up the start at all, but for some things it's inevitable. It's cool to change the start in interesting ways, I think.

Does anyone have any ideas for more of these?
They can exclude coppers or mess with the start; I don't care, I just want some more ideas.

concepts by arowdok:

Clean Boulevard now requires a Discard to work.
Gold-paved road has been exchanged for Paved road (removed the +$1 for trashing)
Footpath uses emtzalex's wording now.
thank you arowdok for the new concepts! these are great!


Night Cards:

Reserve Cards:

Treasure Cards:

"Choose one" cards:

"Discarder" cards:

'Until you reveal' cards:

Misc. Cards:


Paths: Like Ways, but for Treasures.


FAQ: Designate uses the Liaison token; when the Liaison token is in play, you include an Ally, as you would when any other Liaison is in play.



Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Card/Expansion Recommendations
« on: May 29, 2022, 07:42:34 pm »
Hey, sorry. New to this whole Forum thing. I wanted to look for some recommended Fan Cards? Some of you guys playtested these right? There's just so many! I don't know which ones will be good. So please, if you have any Recommendations please post some links!

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