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Weekly Design Contest #197: One Order of Events, Hold the Gains

Events are super fun, I don't think there's argument there. There are Events that can significantly shake up the game in all its stages and provide a unique a memorable experience.
But when I look at Events, I split them into 2 further classifications. Those that gain cards and those that do not.
While I find both types fun, I personally think it's more of a challenge to design Events that fall into the second category (I was also impressed to see how even the split is in officially published events, 36 that gain and 33 that don't).

So without further ado your challenge for this week is:

Design an Event that does not gain any cards upon use.

Some extra clarifications:
- Events that do not gain cards every time they're bought, but still can sometimes (ex. Pilgrimage) are not allowed.
- Events that care about/move other cards you've gained (exs. Rush, Deliver) are allowed as long as the Event itself does not gain cards (exs. Triumph and Commerce would not be allowed).
- Exiling cards is perhaps a bit of a grey area, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that such Events (like Transport or Invest) are allowed. I do suggest to include some side effects beyond just exiling cards though, much like these 2 examples.

I will judge based upon how exciting the Event looks to play with, and my approximation of its balance.

The contest will close at 9PM EST on Sep. 7. Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions, and have fun designing!

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #185: It Takes A Village
« on: April 25, 2023, 04:34:12 pm »
Weekly Design Contest #185: It Takes A Village

Dominion has quite a lot of $4 Villages. Why is that anyways?

It mostly boils down to the fact that the original Village is actually a pretty decent card, and that the difference between $3 and $4 isn't a lot in many cases. Villages are essential to make engines run well, so oftentimes you'd be happy paying $4 for one.
This means that $4 Villages fit very comfortably into a mold: take the standard Village and give it a slight extra bonus. Even if that bonus isn't always utilized, the fact that it's a $4 Village will still make it useful quite often.

That brings us to the contest for this week.

Design me a Village that does not cost $4.

A couple other points about exactly what I'm looking for:
- Your card should provide +2 Actions or more without any real difficulty. See the Villages with no restrictions section on the Dominion Strategy Wiki for a list of examples.
- This means no Throne Room variants (as normal Throne Room already costs $4, that would be a bit too easy) or cards that need some condition to be fulfilled (for instance, Ironmonger, Herald, or Conclave).

I'll close this contest at 8 PM EST on May 2, and until then I'll keep an eye on the submissions to let you know if something doesn't qualify (and I'll try to be lenient about that).

Thanks Gubump for putting this suggestion in the suggestions thread. :)

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #171: Gains Upon Gains
« on: December 09, 2022, 12:37:14 am »
Weekly Design Contest #171: Gains Upon Gains

I've noticed a bit of a trend in a lot of my favorite official cards. I love when gainers can go absolutely nuts. There's something about scooping up a whole boatload of cards in a single turn that really appeals to that synergistic-combo thrill inside me. So hey, why not make it into a contest?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design a card (shaped thing) that has the potential to gain at least 2 cards at a time without other assistance. That might be a bit of a vague description, so I'll clarify exactly what types of cards I'm thinking of.

- Cards that unconditionally gain you multiple cards (ex. Beggar, it gains you 3 Coppers to your hand)
- Cards that conditionally gain you multiple cards (ex. Trader, it can gain multiple Silvers if it trashes something costing at least $2)
- Cards that give you a choice to gain multiple cards (ex. Weaver, you can take 2 Silvers if you don't want a single $4 card)
- Events that give multiple cards when purchased (ex. Populate, it gains you 1 of every Action card in the Kingdom) or sometimes do (ex. Pilgrimage, can gain you up to 3 cards you have in play every other time it is bought)

You can choose whether you want your submissions to gain specific cards (like Coppers or Silvers) or have a more general criteria (like multiple $4 cost cards)

Here's some examples of things I will not be accepting:
- Horse gainers (ex. Paddock) as these feel more like draw cards than standard "gainers" to me
- On gain/on trash effects, in the cases of Kingdom card submissions I would like to have the gaining happen on play as opposed to being tied to only on gain/trash effects. (However your card can have one of these effects if it is also capable of gaining multiple cards when played)
- +Buys. I would like the card to gain directly on its own rather than just providing you with more Buys to have extra gains in the Buy Phase. (Same as above, your card can provide +Buy if it is also capable of gaining multiple cards when played)

I'll close the contest at 8 PM EST on Dec. 16th, and judging should follow shortly after that.
Good luck and have fun designing!

Weekly Design Contest #161: You Spin me Right Round

Allies might not be brand new anymore, but there's still one of its major themes we haven't touched on much for WDCs. And that is of course... rotating split piles. This week's contest is for you to design a rotating split pile with 4 copies of 4 differently named cards (also steadily increasing in cost from top to bottom). That's it. The cards can be any type (including types not present in Allies). Keep in mind that the cards in the pile should complement/interact with each other in some way.

My favourite kinds of cards in Dominion are ones that are relatively strong and have many interactions with other existing cards, so take that as my judging criteria.

I'll close this contest on August 27 at 11 PM EST (might need a bit of extra time for judging on this one, we'll have to see).

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #136: ‘Tis the Season
« on: December 01, 2021, 11:03:47 am »
Weekly Design Contest 136: ‘Tis the Season

December has just begun, which means the holidays are soon around the corner. Therefore to help everybody get into the holiday spirit, here’s the contest for this week (I checked and the same idea was done 2 years ago, so I’m not repeating the idea too soon)

Design a card that provides some sort of benefit to all other players either when played (exs. Council Room, Bishop, Vault) or gained (Lost City, Embassy). Events are also allowed (like Bargain) and I suppose if you really thought about it you could make a Project or Way as well, so I’ll allow those.

Remember that a “benefit” doesn’t always have to help your opponent (sometimes they don’t want that free Silver). Happy Holidays and happy designing! :D

EDIT: Submissions are open until Dec. 8, 8 PM EST

First we had a contest on Durations that stayed in play forever. Then we had a contest on durations that stayed in play for more than 2 turns, but not forever. What's the logical follow-up to this?
Oh, I know...

Weekly Design Contest 123: Duration? Are You Sure?

Your task: Design a Kingdom Duration card that gives the player a choice of whether to keep it out an extra turn or not.

Official cards that do this include: Barge, Cargo Ship, Gear, and Secret Cave.

Other official cards (such as Haven) technically can stay out for only 1 turn, but this isn't really by choice when it happens. A card like Haven would not qualify for this week's contest.

Submission Deadline: I will close submissions on Tuesday Aug 3, at 9 PM EST, then judging will be posted about 24 hours or so after that.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! If I feel something doesn't qualify I'll make sure to let you know in advance!

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest 119: Triple Threat
« on: June 24, 2021, 11:19:11 am »
Weekly Design Contest 119: Triple Threat

When it comes to Dominion, I love the flashy stuff. Take out all the non-Supply things, bring out all the mats, gather all the multi-type cards (this is probably a large part of why I love Nocturne so much :P )
With that being said, there aren't a ton of official cards with many types. Sure a lot of them have 2, but there are significantly less with 3. (only 30?) Let's fix that shall we?

Design a Kingdom Card that uses exactly three types.
Edit: By “Kingdom Card” I mean specifically “one of the 10 cards you select for a game.” This does not include non-Supply piles such as Prizes, Traveller upgrades, Spirits, etc

A couple points of clarification:
- Each type should be meaningful and be relevant in games fairly often (a counter-example to this would be a Reaction that lets you play it from your hand when an opponent buys an Action costing $7 or more, there are only 7 of these total so it would not be relevant very often)
- Fan-made card types are allowed, but you must provide a brief explanation of the type's significance in your post

- Submissions for this WDC will be open until 10 PM EST on Thursday July 1st. I'll try to have the results posted 24 hours or so after that.
- I will judge based on how fun and balanced the card looks to me. Strong (but not OP) cards and cards with lots of synergies will get a higher score than weaker, very niche cards.

Alright that's all from me for now! Have fun designing!

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