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Weekly Design Contest #202: Extra! Read all about it!

In case you hadn’t heard, there is an upcoming errata to effects that let you take an extra turn.  The main goal is to limit the number of turns a player can take in a row, especially if the kingdom contains multiple ways to take an extra turn.  The wording has also changed.  For example, here is the updated wording for Outpost:

You only draw 3 cards for your next hand.  Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row).

So for this contest, your job is to design something* that lets the player take an Extra turn.  Official cards that meet the criteria for the contest are Outpost, Possession, the Odysseys (Voyage), Fleet, Island Folk, Journey, Mission, and Seize the Day.

Contest Guidelines
  • *Anything goes, including kingdom cards, landscapes, non-Supply cards, and all mechanics up to and including Plunder.
  • Many entries will probably need to include some form of “(but not a 3rd turn in a row),” but note that Fleet and Seize the Day remain unchanged, so once-a-game extra turns are safe.

Judgment Details:
  • The contest will close roughly one week from today.
  • I will judge the entries based on balance, wording, simplicity, creativity, and how fun the entry is to play with, with most emphasis on the extra turn effect.


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