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Game Reports / High Score
« on: June 13, 2011, 07:22:42 pm »
Pretty sure I will never, ever top this.

The game is over! (Curses, Goons, and Coppers are all gone.)
Scott Pilgrim has 400 points (340 ▼, 4 Colonies, 3 Provinces, and 2 Estates) and took 21 turns.
roman has 21 points (16 ▼, a Duchy, and 2 Estates) and took 21 turns.

Game Log

TL;DR version of Game Log: Worker's Village + King's Court + Wharf + Goons + Goons + Goons + Goons... buy lots of copper, reveal watchtower, trash it all.. get 4-5 vp for every buy every turn. 18-20 buys a turn. Absolute insanity.

Dominion Game #2037

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