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Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #174: Back to the Future
« on: January 09, 2023, 06:46:39 pm »
WDC #174: Back to the Future
Design a card shaped thing that uses Plunder's "next time" mechanic. If your submission involves a split pile or ancillary supply piles, only one card needs to use the mechanic. It can function as it does on durations, staying in play until triggered, or as it does on events, triggering on the next time you do something on that turn.

Weekly Design Contest #106: Business In The Front, Party In The Back
Design a card with only vanilla bonuses above the dividing line but with anything you wish below it.
Examples of official cards that fulfill this include Highway, Nomad Camp, Haggler, Moat, Spices, Nobles, and Cemetery.
It must have some below line text, so nothing that's full on vanilla.
Vanilla bonuses are +Cards, +Actions, +Buys, +$, +Coffers, +Villagers, +Victory Tokens, and static Victory Points.

Variants and Fan Cards / D782802859's Fan Cards
« on: March 12, 2020, 09:00:50 pm »
So, these are just some cards that are kind of set-like, but there isn't really a cohesive theme here, although there are some common mechanics. So, there are five and a half mechanics here. Gathering cards, vp tokens, split piles, and Artifacts return, and there are 2 new things. Workers are something I did for a Weekly Design Contest and decided was worth doing more of. They're effects that you save for later. Injuries are a new junk card that need to be played or they give you more junk. If you don't treat an Injury, it gets worse. If you have a card with the subtype "Horror" include a pile of Injuries in the supply equal to the number of players. I'm gonna do this increments, so first up is the non-mechanic cards. There are a lot of these.

Just a simple trasher, who doesn't love that? I certainly do, potentially too much as you might see. Trash for benefit but the benefit is more trashing. Not a lot to say about this one. Plus, most of the rules questions are covered by Doctor.

Painter gains you a card to your hand costing up to as much as it to your hand. It shouldn't say that, I meant to change it to the discard pile so as to not step on Sculptor's toes. Also, it should have a cost asterisk. I'm dumb.

Nunnery is just a simple little thing that I'm surprised isn't official yet. It's a duration that stays out longer if you fulfill a condition. In this case trashing! If you keep it out, you get some draw.

Not gonna sugarcoat it, this is a fixed version of Adventurer. It's like Adventurer but you choose the type! Also, I really love the art. It's somewhat balanced by only grabbing 2, but if you need one, it can be a strong filterer.

Harlequin is a trasher. Also. Sensing a theme? That wasn't on purpose so just pretend you didn't. But it also gets you a better use out of your actions once.

Regent is pretty messy. The concept is there but needs refinement. You choose a card on the first play that it becomes for the rest of the turn. I need to find a good phrasing.

Judge reacts to another player drawing cards by playing itself. Just you watch when this ends up in Menagerie.

Sawmill turns your gains into other cards. Keep in mind, you get on buy, but not on gain effects. Other rule disputes work like changeling, as you would expect. Also, it's a duration to block junkers.

Let it never be said I can't make two cost cards. It would be true, but don't say it. Anyways, a trasher again. It remodels, but you need two cards.
I'll post more of the set over a few days probably. Artifacts next if I don't change my mind.

Feedback / Qvist 2019 Questions
« on: December 26, 2019, 03:32:12 pm »
Does anyone know when the Qvist 2019 Ranking will be, and if so, where I can submit rankings? I might just be an idiot who missed it, though.

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