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Variants and Fan Cards / ShadowHawk's Attempts at Homebrew Dominion cards
« on: October 11, 2019, 01:15:54 pm »
I love the knowledge and feedback of the locals of this board. I have two regular game groups that I play Dominion with and finding the random card generator(s) here has been fun. After mentioning it at my last game, a friend of mine with the 1st editions asked if I could try to come up with versions of the cut cards that might be more interesting to play. This is my attempt. My goals were to maintain theme and keep the card close to what I think Donald X was going for based on his comments on the card. I've used knew mechanics from other expansions to try to help without being overly complicated. Feedback is much appreciated before I start printing test copies.

Edit: Now includes all the cards posted. Moved the commentary to the post below.

Most updated card versions in this post.

Alternate Base

Alternate Intrigue



Tricks are a hybrid of Night and Event types. They are played like Events in that they are outside of the Kingdom cards and available to all Players. Unlike Events, they don't have a cost associated with them. As such, they are restricted to once per turn. Effects need to either be conditional or carry a penalty.

Kingdom Cards (no theme at this time)

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