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Rules Questions / Traits and Types
« on: December 22, 2022, 02:55:42 pm »
Just one quick thing I wanted to clarify--

Traits have a similar wording on them as cards that refer to types. I assume that's just for convenience's sake as it does seem like the simplest way to achieve that effect.

But are traits extra types that get added for the game, like Capitalism adding the Treasure type? Mostly affects things like Courtier.

I assume the answer is no, they're separate things that just are referred to with similar wording. I just wanted to double check.

Rules Questions / Militia rule change
« on: March 10, 2020, 11:01:49 am »
You could make a thread in rules for this, present your case for your side; this thread is for bonus previews.

Since nobody else seems to be taking up this suggestion, here is another thread! This conversation will be much easier to follow over here. And people who are going to the previews to see the previews can go to the previews to see the previews!

Sure. But if that's what LastFootnote was saying, he was undermining his own point, and you are undermining yours too, which was that the ruling should change because that's somehow what the rulebook says.

This has been one of the oddest conversations I've had here (which says a lot):

-The Militia rule needs to change because of what the rulebook says.
-The rulebook doesn't say that.
-People are not computers.
-Do you mean that people would misinterpret the rulebook?
-People don't read rulebooks.

I agree, this is strange, and I do think the rule change seemed out of nowhere and unnecessary. Which rulebook states that only the top card is visible after Militia? I thought the only precedent for that was the online implementation?

But I also think you are leaving out some parts, which inherently takes other parts out of context. Perhaps that won't happen as much when this is in its own thread, and everything is relevant!

Dominion General Discussion / Strictly Better
« on: June 17, 2019, 10:29:28 am »
This thread seems to have turned into a discussion on the actual meaning of strictly better, and segura brought up the example of Mining Village, which would be strictly better than Village at the same cost. This got me thinking about what can actually make a card strictly better (in a purely pedantic context) than another card. Here is the list I came up with:

"Strictly better effects" (not counting Possession):

- Adding a choice (such as Mining Village)
- Adding a vanilla bonus other than +Cards* (+Cards are not strictly better in draw to x engines, or if you don't want to trigger a reshuffle) +Buy
- Adding +Coffers, +Villagers, + or +
- Replacing + with +Coffers or Replacing +Actions with +Villagers
- Adding VP value to a card which is already a Victory card
- Any ability adding any other "strictly better ability" to another card (such as non +Cards Adventures tokens)

Effects which would be "strictly better effects" if you removed one or two specific cards from the game:
- Adding + (Storyteller), +Actions (Storyteller or Diadem)
- Adding +Coffers (Swashbuckler) or Replacing + with +Coffers (Black Market and Swashbuckler)

Can anyone come up with something not on the list so far?

Help! / Cathedral game
« on: May 26, 2019, 11:47:47 am »
This was the kingdom:

I don't think me or my opponent played optimally here. My opponent completely ignored Dukes and mostly ignored Farmer's Market. I think my biggest mistake, though, was to buy Cathedral turn one. This was not a kingdom where I could build a deck that was resistant to greening without building it up a lot. Maybe it could have worked if I had also ignored Dukes and went for Provinces while naming Province with Journeyman to cycle through, but by the time I was actually confident enough with my deck to start greening, my opponent had bought enough Provinces that I didn't think I could win that way. I got a couple big turns where I could buy three 5-costs (either 2 Duchies + a Duke or vice versa) but my opponent finished off the Provinces before I could get my Dukes to be worth enough.

I think I probably could have won if I had used Research for trashing instead of Cathedral; half the game I was too worried about defending myself against it to actually make any progress, even though I had multiple buys from Farmer's Markets and Merchant Guilds.

I'm pretty sure if I played the kingdom again against the same opponent I could win, but does anybody have any more general advice about when Cathedral is or isn't good? It's something I can't quite figure out, and I always seem to judge it wrong.

Game Reports / Interesting megaturn attempt
« on: May 18, 2019, 11:29:07 pm »
So I can understand going for a megaturn with Sinister Plot and Bridge Troll in the kingdom. It seems like a very viable strategy, even if Nobles is the only village. I'm not a strategy expert, but in my experience a Bridge Troll megaturn usually requires buying some Bridge Trolls before pulling the trigger...

Dominion General Discussion / Black Market Deck Setup Idea
« on: May 07, 2019, 05:08:35 pm »
I recently bought all of the promo cards, and it occurred to me that I didn't really want to play with Black Market because of all the setup that it would take. I came up with a solution, though. I could put a list of all the cards I wanted in my BM deck into a spreadsheet (for now it has all the cards in it, sorted by expansion) with corresponding numbers, which I could then print out and put with my two Dominion boxes (I have efficient foam-core card storage). I can then randomize via dice (1D4*100 + 1D10*10 + 1D10 or something) which three cards are revealed, rerolling if necessary, and then if I choose to buy one, I can take it straight out of the box. Very little setup required, except once to create the spreadsheet. Overall it will save time, though.

Edit: using a computer program/phone app also works (and is probably better), but the general idea of leaving the cards in the box until you need them is mainly the point of this.

I thought I would share this idea so that other people can use it if they are similarly reluctant to play with Black Market because of the setup. Playing with this is slightly different than with an actual BM deck, because you can run into the same card twice before going through every other card, however it isn't that different. And if you want, you can have some way to mark which cards have been revealed and reroll the dice if you find them again.

Rules Questions / Potion/Debt and cost-reduction
« on: May 01, 2019, 10:15:56 am »
This just occurred to me.
If I were to get a Bridge in play (or any other cost reduction card), then the clause which says 'but not less than $0' to prevent cards costing negative amounts wouldn't apply to Potion or Debt costing cards (Vineyard, for example), because $-1 and Potion or $-1 and Debt are not "less than $0" or "more than $0". I would assume that there is an implicit clause preventing cards from costing negative coins and Potion (or Debt). However, strictly according to the wording, this is not the case.

Again, I am 99.99% sure that any official ruling will say that Vineyards still cost $0P, Engineers still cost $0 + 4 Debt, etc. but I haven't found one.

Rules Questions / BoM wording
« on: March 18, 2019, 08:34:20 pm »
Okay, so Band of Misfits says "this is that card until it leaves play". Say you Throne a BoM and play it as Acting Troupe, trashing itself, then playing itself as Village. (Acting Troupe and Village are examples). After the second play, it's not in play to begin with, so it can't leave play. This means the BoM remains in the trash as a Village, until someone does something like gain it back with a Rogue then play it again (still as a Village) from their hand, thus letting it leave play at the end of their turn.

This doesn't seem like it is correct, because you could easily lose track (physically, not rules-wise) of which BoM is actually a Village, especially once you gain it back with Rogue, unless you put a sticker on it or something. But I can't find any official ruling that would prevent this.

Introductions / Hi, I'm hhelibebcnofnena
« on: February 21, 2019, 11:50:33 am »
Hi, I'm hhelibebcnofnena.
I got Dominion probably 6 to 8 years ago now (I can't remember exactly when) and it's the game which started my hobby of board games. I always end up coming back to Dominion though, and by this point own all the expansions (intending to get the promos soon). I recently discovered this forum, and it seemed like a thing I would like to join, so here I am!

Rules Questions / Inheritance and Capitalism (and Courtier)
« on: February 12, 2019, 06:37:39 pm »
A few questions surrounding the interaction between these two card shaped things (and Courtier as an afterthought).

1. If you buy capitalism, and then inherit a card which was affected, I assume Estates gain the Treasure type as well. This one is not as much of a question, but I still want to make sure.
2. If you inherit a card which originally does not have the Treasure type, but then buy capitalism so that it gains the Treasure type, do your Estates gain the Treasure type? They don't have a +coin amount in the text, but when Inheritance says that your Estates gain the types of that card, I'm not sure whether that is Inheritance doing that or the token. If it's Inheritance, I think it wouldn't gain the additional Treasure type, but if it's the token, I think it would.
3. If you buy Capitalism, then inherit Caravan Guard, are your Estates now Action-Treasure-Victory-Duration-Reactions? How does this new five-type card interact with Courtier? Do you just get the four bonuses? Basically, which word is more important: "for each type it has" or "the choices must be different"? I think there are a couple other cards which can give Estates five types, but they require cost reduction, so I chose Caravan Guard.

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