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Dominion General Discussion / The most setup
« on: March 24, 2020, 12:02:10 pm »
I was interested in a kingdom that had the most setup. Of course including Black Market can give you a more difficult setup. This is what I came up with without using the Black Market.

1. Trade Route - add the trade route mat, add a token to each victory supply pile, add colony/platinum
2. Tournament - add the prize pile
3. Marauder - add the spoils pile, the ruins pile, and shelters
4. Young witch
  - add page as the bane pile
      - add the Treasure Hunter, Warrior, Hero, and Champion piles
5. Peasant -  add the Soldier, Fugitive, Disciple, and Teacher piles; get out the tavern mats and the +1 card, +1 Coin, +1 Action, and +1 buy tokens for each player
6. Exorcist -  add the Will-O-Wisp, Imp, and Ghost piles
7. Necromancer - add the 3 zombies to the trash
8. Vampire - add the bats pile, add and shuffle the hex pile, get out the Deluded, Envious, and Miserable/Twice Miserable state card shape things
9. Silk Merchant -  Get out the Coffers and Villagers mat and tokens
10. Gladiator/Fortune - get out the debt tokens, turn fortune pile 90 degrees

landmarks (assuming a max of 2 and no more than 1 Way)
1. Defiled Shrine - Add tokens to each non-gathering action supply pile, add victory token mats
2. Way of the Mouse
      - Add the Fool pile, add and shuffle the boons, add the Lucky Coin inheritance card, add the Lost in the Woods State.

What else can we do? Can we do better? (With or without Black Market.)

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