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Variants and Fan Cards / Contemplating horrible cards.
« on: January 27, 2020, 08:51:43 pm »
By horrible I don't mean bad design. I'm thinking more like encouraging a bit more of a darker side to players whether its being a spoiler of the overall game (like Salt the Earth) or just slowing the game down like Tax does. I'd only ever put these in a set alongside "nice" cards like Council Room or Embassy for balance.

Not sure Vampirism is costed correctly.

(4 Vampirism - Action- Attack
Each other player gains a curse and a Vampirism.
When you buy this card gain 2VP.)

You can check them out here;

Variants and Fan Cards / Price these cards...ongoing challenge.
« on: December 24, 2019, 08:02:05 pm »
I was wondering how to price certain cards and thought there's a fun game in this.
Have a go at pricing these cards and add your own simple ideas to be priced as well.
If you want to provide reasons please do and feel free to disagree with others.
If this is already a thread my apologies.

1. A treasure that when played gains you two golds and six debt (but doesn't actually make money itself)
2. An action that gives you +3 cards with the drawback from Contraband (a player nominates a card you cannot buy)
3. An action-attack-duration that says "+1 Action, Each other player can't gain actions while this is in play. At the start of your turn if this is in play trash it and gain a differently named card costing the same or less than this"

Variants and Fan Cards / I suspect this is broken...
« on: December 21, 2019, 06:55:32 am »
This is part of a Victorian era themed set I am working on. You can see the cards here.
None have been playtested as I dont sleeve cards so I will have to look into stickers and whether they will work.
But here's the card I am particularly worried might break games.

It is a card whose only benefit is when you buy it but my worry is that you can empty the whole of this pile and a pile of 1 cost cards (like Poorhouse) with no money. You wont win just by doing this but if you were ahead it could end the game. Is this a problem balanced by the fun possibilities of the card?

Variants and Fan Cards / 4 ways to play around with coin tokens.
« on: April 05, 2018, 10:25:51 pm »
Penance $3
+2 cards
Trash up to four cards from your hand.
For each card less than four that you trashed each other player gains a coin token.

Crones' Ledger $4
Action - Attack
When you buy this each other player may not spend coin tokens on their next turn.
Choose one -
Each other player gains a curse and a coin token
Each other player loses a coin token and you gain a number of coin tokens equal to those lost in this way.

Credit Slip $4
Whenever you buy a card you may discard this from your hand to gain 2 coin tokens.
When you play this it's worth $1 for every 2 coin tokens you control up to a maximum of $6.

 Artisans Village $3
Gain a coin token.
+ 2 actions.
You may trash this. If you do draw a card and coin tokens generate an extra $1 this turn.

As you can see I tried to make cards that work even if they are the only coin generating card in the kingdom. In doing so I might have made them way too strong if something like Baker is in play. Artisan Village in particular.

I apologiise if these are derivative of other peoples cards. I'm coming up with these on a car trip through country Australa as a way to pass time. Feel free to break them.

Variants and Fan Cards / Have fun with this.
« on: March 29, 2018, 11:29:35 pm »
Try pricing this very swingy card. Give your reasons. No need to criticise others as its just a bit of fun.

$????Rummage Sale 
Reveal the top three cards of your deck. Trash one, return another to the supply and discard the third. Gain a copy of the discarded card.

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion: Metropolis
« on: March 13, 2018, 12:19:49 am »

The theme of the set is about playing around with the supply, gaining cards without buying them (which also depletes the supply), and cards which depend on their being either depleted or non-depleted supply piles. This is meant to emulate the notion of a huge urban environment which is depleting its raw resources and markets while growing its infrastructure.

Defaced Coin $2
During clean up trash this and up to two other treasures you have in play.

Recycle $2
+ 1 card, discard a card.
Return a card in your discard pile to the supply.

Market Stall $2
+$1 for each empty supply pile.

Broker $3
+1 Card, +1 Action, +1 Buy
Choose one: Either trash an Action card in the supply or return an Action card from the trash to the supply.

Shadow Council $3
Action Attack
+2 Actions.
If there is another Shadow Council in play each other player gains a curse.

Hawkers Village $3
Whenever you gain a Hawkers Village without buying it, +1 Card and +1 Action.
+1 Action, Gain a Hawkers Village.

Doomsayer $4
Whenever you gain a Doomsayer without buying it, +2 Cards and +1 Action
Gain a Doomsayer. Discard a card.

Penitents $4
2 VP +2VP if your deck has less than 20 cards.
Whenever you buy this you may gain a Blessing.

Blessing 0*
*This card is not in the supply.
+2 Cards. Trash up to 2 cards in your hand.
Your opponents may chose to either draw 2 cards or trash up to 2 cards in their hand.

Extravaganza $4
+1 Buy.
Choose an action in your hand. Play that action once for each supply pile with three or less remaining cards.

Theatre Village $4
+1 card for each supply pile with three or less remaining cards.
+2 actions.

Dismissal $4
Action - Reaction
Return up to two cards in your hand or discard pile to the supply.

If this card is returned to the supply gain 2 golds.

Inventor $5
Whenever you gain an Inventor without buying it; You may trash a card in your hand. Gain a card costing up to 2 more than the trashed card.
Gain an Inventor or any card costing up to 4.

Banquet $5
For every action card you have in play (including this) +$2.

Merchants Pass $5
+2 Buys
You must use all your buys if possible.

Poisoner $5
Action - Attack
Whenever you gain a Poisoner without buying it; Each other player gains a curse.
Gain a Poisoner. Each other player reveals the top card of their library and discards it unless it is a curse.

Token of Fame $5
When you play this gain a Token of Fame
$3 or $0 if there are no Token of Fame cards left in the supply.

Founding Families $6.
Victory - Reaction
2 VP for every each non-victory supply pile with three or less remaining cards.
Whenever any other player gains a treasure you may discard a Founding Families from your hand to gain a copy of that treasure.

Investor $6
Whenever you gain an Investor without buying it; Gain a Gold into your hand.
Gain an Investor.

Variants and Fan Cards / Your advice. Some signature cards for my friends.
« on: February 25, 2018, 08:23:08 pm »
I  want to make these cards to be custom ones to match different players playstyles in our usual group. We have one guy for whom trashing is crucial and another who buys Green early and so on. I figure I can make up nice looking representations and we can use one per game represented by the blank cards.
We haven't playtested them as I would like them to be a surprise. Would you see them as fun and balanced? Would you tweak the costs at all? Is Cathedral broken? Is the second Cathedral (at the bottom better or worse?)

Cathedral 4
Gain a duchy or three estates then reveal your hand. Your opponents may gain a copy of any treasure in your hand.

Blessing Cost:2 ?
Draw 2 cards. You may trash up to two cards in your hand.
Your opponents may either draw 2 cards or trash up to two cards in their hand.

Arcane chest Cost: 5 ?
+1 Buy
When you play this the player to your left chooses either Action, Victory or Treasure. Cards of that type cost you 2 less to buy this turn.

Shadow Council Cost: 3 ?
Action, Attack
+2 Actions
If you have another shadow council in play other than this each other player gains a curse.

Indulgence: 4
+1 Buy
Gain a Gold to your hand. Each other player may gain a Gold.

Squirrel 2 (use twenty in the supply)
+1 card +1 buy
Gain a squirrel
You may reveal a squirrel in your hand to gain an action and put a card from your graveyard on top of your library.
(Second version)
Cathedral 6
Gain a duchy or three estates then reveal your hand. You may reveal any number of victory cards in your hand to gain +1 (coin) for each card revealed in this way.

Edited to add +1 Buy to Indulgence (which was always meant to be there). I'm not sure if this fixes the card or anything but I meant it to have it. Perhaps adding one coin instead of one buy would make it more worthwhile as it essentially gives everyone a gold for an action.

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