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The challenge is:
Design an Attack card that is neither a handsize attack, junker, trasher, deck-order attack nor Doom.
In short, design a new attack method. Official cards that would qualify include Enchantress, Bridge Troll, Gatekeeper, Warlord, and Frigate. I count -1 Card token as handsize attack. As for Frigate, it's an edge example. I count it as something like Action-worsening attack, so OK.
I am a newbie judge. I will use the usual criteria like balance, fun, et al. And I appreciate it if the attack method is novel and eye-catching.
Feel free to ask question about qualification of design and anything. This idea gains help from Timinou.

Variants and Fan Cards / Card made by ChatGPT
« on: March 02, 2023, 06:43:16 am »
*I changed a little wording for this one*
Dark Mage
Action -
+ 3 Cards
You may put a card from your hand or discard pile to the top or bottom of your deck. If you put a Spirit card to the top, you may gain a card costing as much as it or less.
This card allows players to increase their hand size and search for better cards by drawing 3 cards, while also providing some additional control. By moving a card to different positions in your deck, you can change the probability of drawing it on your next turn. Additionally, the effect of Dark Mage allows players to exchange a low-cost card for a high-cost one by purchasing the latter with the former. Finally, in keeping with the theme of the Nocturne expansion, I added the element of dark magic to this card to make it blend with the expansion's atmosphere and themes.

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