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Dominion General Discussion / Discard & Trash Piles + Dark Ages
« on: September 04, 2012, 06:44:01 pm »
I'm sure I remember somewhere it being clearly stated that you may not count or look through your discard pile. However, some cards in DA search for a card to pick up in there. Now, the cards in question nice and clearly state "Look through your discard pile" so that's fine when you're actually playing it, the question I have though is this:

Are we still not allowed to look through the pile in otherwise normal play?

Sample situation: I have Hermit and any other terminal and I'm trying to decide which to play this turn. Am I right in thinking that I cannot look through the discard pile before deciding?

The same question applies to the Trash pile and cards like Graverobber & Forager. (Though I've not heard either way previously on the trash pile)

[in general I'd rather not have everyone sifting their discard pile/trash pile before making decisions as the game would drag tremendously, so hopefully the proper ruling is that no you cannot look through your discard/trash]

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