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Dominion General Discussion / Shitty Rules Questions
« on: January 16, 2019, 11:11:52 am »
According to Inheritance, gaining an Estate (or otherwise having one move into your hand/deck) makes it yours. If you walk off with any such Estate cards before the game is over, have you committed theft?
  • If not, what if the game's owner resigns--does the Estates' ownership then revert to them?
    • If so, what if the game's owner dies midgame--are the Estates then permanently yours?

Dominion General Discussion / Google translates Dominion
« on: November 22, 2017, 01:57:26 pm »
I was up late last night laughing at GoogleTranslatesMTG and then thought hey, how hard could this be? Turns out it's pretty hard. But I managed to get a few bright spots out of translating cards through eight or more languages and back again.

Variants and Fan Cards / Project cards--level them up
« on: December 08, 2016, 11:52:22 pm »
This mechanic probably has some preexisting name on these forums somewhere, but I searched for "level" (the most intuitively associated word) and all I found was a bunch of talk about rankings on online Dominion games and a topic about borrowing City's interest in the number of spent supply piles. (Since then, Poacher has also arrived on the scene.) In any case, I was thinking about Adventures earlier and its use of +1 Card, +1 Action, etc. tokens to make supply piles better, but only for individual players. Those tokens are all pretty generic because they have to be, but what if you could tailor the tokens to specific supply piles? So I whipped up a few quick illustrations of that idea.

Project cards are works in progress. The archetypal Project card starts out weak but can be made strong by repeatedly investing in it. When you buy a Project card, you have a choice: either you gain the card as usual, or you add one of your Project tokens to that card's supply pile. (This still counts as buying a card for the purposes of e.g. Merchant Guild or Contraband.) The number of Project tokens each player has on a given supply pile is referred to as that player's level of that pile; each supply pile therefore starts out at level 0. There is no hard limit on how many Project tokens a player can have, in total or on any given supply pile, though specific cards may stop accruing benefits after specific levels.

Redecorate is a Remodel that starts out almost useless (although the "you may" wording means it can at least kill coppers) but can be built up to an Expand or beyond.
Entourage spends a while burdening you with junk (its on-buy effect is triggered when you put a Project token on it) before letting you gain it two at a time, or better.
Boom Town gradually becomes a village or better, but also helps you with anything you may be specializing in.
Initiate is cheap but mostly useless until level 4, when it becomes a bargain Market with potential to grow even further. May be worth gaining before leveling.
Arsonist allows you to mess with whatever cards your opponents have been leveling.
Sellsword is less effective than Militia but gains drawing abilities if other players compete with you for it.
College is a drawer that wants you to buy expensive cards before you start playing it.
Caravansary needs at least one token on it before you start, but then carries money indefinitely into the future until you finally want it.
Sunken City, like Encampment, disappears after you use it, but the moment you place a token somewhere you've got any number of sunken cities back in your deck again.
Ore is as straightforward a project card as it gets, a criminally overexpensive Copper that can be made better than Gold.
Smeltery turns coins into coin tokens, but only if you invest in it first.
Tithe gives you a lot of money in short order, but slows down the moment you get too greedy with it.
Memorial is a pricier Gold that turns into a cheaper Province.
Ramparts is a self-contained bidding war.

edit: fixed Ramparts link

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion Card Image Generator
« on: December 07, 2016, 06:11:37 pm »

Forcing people to use Photoshop or GIMP or whatever with elaborate downloadable template files has always seemed a bit of a silly barrier to card (mockup) creation, so I wrote a quick tool that lets you type in your card's text, choose some colors and a picture, and get the image generated for you. (Tested on desktop in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera--doesn't work in IE11, but not in a way that gives any error messages or anything, so I don't know what's going on there yet.)

The URL updates itself as you change the various fields, so all you need to do to save a card is copy (or bookmark) the URL and you'll be able to come back to it later. Once you're done, right click the image preview and your browser of choice should give you some options to copy and/or save the image (at a much higher resolution than displayed in the webpage).

Uses edits of the Action template image on BGG,the Event template and Traveller arrow from this thread, plus specific card scans and the Shuffle iT images.

Note: This tool should be viewed as a work-in-progress for the time being. The card images produced for specific texts and other options may look different in the future than they do now. The latest update is version 1.5; replies prior to this post are responding to earlier versions.

NEW: Shard of Honor has forked this tool starting at this post. Their version includes several new features and is receiving more active development. Check out Shard's version here.

Some samples, but written more as excuses to test the various colors and icons than as serious efforts to make good cards...

Model Village
Undeveloped Mine

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominions: Harmony and Discord
« on: July 06, 2015, 06:17:00 pm »
Welcome welcome. As with many of you, Ideas for custom cards occur to me from time to time, and this is my latest attempt to corral them into some semblance of order. Specifically, we're going to be looking at two nineteen-card-sets, "Harmony" and "Discord," over the next couple weeks or so. (Cards will be posted in groups of 3 or 4 so as to avoid overwhelming.) We're starting with Harmony, which has more price variety and more Victory cards, whereas Discord gravitates toward the $4-$5 mark a lot and arguably messes with the rules more. Both sets have a slight fondness for cards that work well with other copies of themselves, which is to say, I don't personally own Black Market.

The theming is borrowed from a cartoon show to save me the trouble of coming up with sufficient themed names and high-quality illustrations; that said, I largely shied away from names and images that depict any main characters from the show. Some cards are named based on their effects, others have effects based on their names, others are a mixture of both. No hard and fast rules here.

I have no opportunity to playtest this nonsense, be warned ;)

Chest of Harmony | Action-Duration | $2
Play an Action card from your hand, then set it aside together with this card.

Any time you would draw a card from your deck to your hand, you may draw the card set aside with this instead. If you do, +1 Action and discard this card.
A Haven variant that plays the card before setting it aside and then keeps it waiting indefinitely, but doesn't result in you starting a later turn with 6 cards instead of 5. If nothing else, you can use this to get rid of a Chapel after it's done its job, or as a poor man's Throne Room if you can contrive to redraw the Action card on the same turn you set it aside. The +1 Action is awesome--possibly too awesome?--if you want to rescue an action-heavy draw from a Hunting Grounds or something.
  • This applies to the same set of situations as the -1 Card Token, i.e. whenever you "draw" a card outside of Envoy.
  • The -1 Card Token is resolved before choosing to draw any set aside CoH cards.
  • CoH and the set aside card are still considered part of your deck at the end of the game.
  • To save time when drawing more than one card a time, you should probably draw all but one and then decide whether you want to draw the last one from a CoH. (Or all but two if you have two CoHs in play, etc.)
  • If CoH is not used to play any Action card, discard it at/during clean-up at the end of the turn it was played.
  • The chosen Action card must be set aside "together with" CoH. If the chosen Action trashes itself (e.g. Feast), it can not be set aside "together with" CoH, so again, discard CoH during clean-up at the end of the turn it was played. Same for cards that set themselves aside (e.g. Island, CoH itself) or banish themselves to the Tavern mat.
  • If you play Throne Room on CoH, you may use it to play a third and fourth Action card from your hand (once each, without spending any Actions besides the one spent on Throne Room), but only the third one will be set aside with CoH, because CoH will no longer be available for setting aside by the time the fourth one has been resolved.
  • That said, if you play Throne Room-CoH-Feast-whatever, CoH will fail to be set aside with Feast, so it will still be available to be set aside with the other Action card.
  • Procession generally fails to trash CoH, because (like Island) it has been set aside by the time Procession tries to trash it, though you still gain a card costing $1 more.
  • Playing CoH on a Duration card that does not set itself aside works basically the same as playing Procession on that Duration in terms of what effects are had when/where the Duration card ends up.
  • Playing CoH on a card with a while-in-play effect (e.g. Highway) is generally a bad idea, because the card will no longer be in play once it is set aside.

Enchanted Comic | Action-Attack | $3
Each other player reveals the top two cards of his deck. You may trash this card; if you do, each other player trashes one of his revealed cards. They discard the other cards.
Not a terribly exciting card, but I needed a trashing attack and the card name called for a self-trasher. Not too useful in the early game. All standard rules clarifications about revealing n cards apply.

Express Train | Action | $4
+1 Action
Discard any number of cards.

While this is in play, cards cost $ less equal to the number of cards this discarded, but not less than $0.
Look, the train is travelling over a bridge. Without a ready source of Buys, this is not much better than a reactionless Secret Chamber, but it's non-terminal, so you can play Library or Forager or Count or something afterwards without needing to worry about the rest of your hand. With Buys, it can provide a deeper discount than the more expensive Highway (if you discard more than one card), but at the costing of decreasing your hand size instead of keeping it constant.
  • If you use Express Train to discard no cards, then all cards' prices are unaffected, except for cards that previously cost less than $0, which now cost $0 instead.
  • Playing Throne Room, etc. on Express Train should have no additional effect besides giving you more +Actions, unless one of the cards you discard has an on-discard effect that then adds one or more cards to your hand. The discount will be equal to the total number of cards that Express Train discarded across every time it was played.
  • If you trash or set aside Express Train after playing it (e.g. Procession, Chest of Harmony), it will no longer be in play and will therefore provide no discount.

Fruit Bats | Action | $3
+1 Buy
Trash a card from your hand.
+$1 per Fruit Bats in the trash.
Another card in the Forager/Trade Route vein. Its upper limit of $ gained is much higher than either of theirs (in all but the most extreme kingdoms), but the more it's worth, the less it can be used. Next to useless if bought via Black Market, oh well.

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