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General Discussion / The Act of Killing
« on: September 05, 2013, 01:52:35 am »
This documentary is a mindfuck worth watching

Interview with Director:

Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Expansion: Proletariat v2.3a
« on: October 20, 2011, 09:26:16 pm »
This fan expansion is a compilation of my fan card ideas, mostly based on giving the player more options and decisions. The main theme of this fan expansion is resources on demand, introducing new mechanics which allow players to save up resources and/or trade them for an on-demand bonus. These mechanics include:
- Neutral Cards which are permanently available to all players, which either warp the game or grant additional options.
- Token Currencies which can be saved up and cashed in later on.
- Variable Cost Cards which grant a bonus if you spend more $ to buy the card and are designed to take advantage of token currencies.

Token Rules:
- Fruit tokens may be cashed in during your buy phase for +$1 each.
- 2 Cattle tokens may be cashed in during your action phase for +1 card, +1 action.
- Tokens last until cashed in, and are worth nothing if the game ends.
- Tokens cannot be played while actions or other effects are resolving.

Orchard - Victory - $3*
Worth 2 VP
When you buy this card, you may pay an additional $2. If you do, gain 2 fruit tokens.

Goodwill - Treasure - $4
While this is in play, when you buy a card, gain a fruit token.

Fruit Merchant - Action - $4
Gain a fruit token. You may discard up to 2 cards. Gain a fruit token per card discarded.

Shepherd - Action - $4*
+2 cards
Gain a Cattle token.
When you buy this card, you may pay an additional $2. If you do, gain 2 Cattle tokens.

City Planner - Action - $4*
+2 cards, +1 action
Discard a card.
When you buy this card, you may pay an additional $2. If you do, set aside a victory card from your hand, returning it to your deck at the end of the game.

Mulching Machine - Action-Reaction - $4*
+1 card
Choose one: +1 action, or trash a card from your hand and gain a fruit token.
When you gain a card, you may discard this card. If you do, trash the gained card and gain a fruit token.
When you buy this card, you may pay an additional $3. If you do, trash any number of cards from your hand. Gain fruit tokens equal to the number of cards trashed.

Plantation - Action - $5
+1 card, +1 action
Gain 1 fruit token. For every fruit token played this turn, Plantation costs $1 less.

Cattle Farm- Action - $5
Gain 3 Cattle tokens. Look at the top card of your deck. Discard it or put it back.

Rancher - Action - $6
+3 cards
You may reveal a victory card from your hand. If you do, gain a cattle token or +1 buy.
When you buy this card, gain an action card costing up to twice the number of cards in your hand.

Botanical Gardens - Victory - $6*
Worth 4 VP
When you buy this card, you may pay an additional $3 ($6). If you do, gain another (2) Botanical Gardens.

Neutral Card Rules:
- Neutral Cards are unique cards which remain in the supply permanently and affect all players. In games where Neutral cards are enabled, randomly select one of them and add it to the supply.
- 'Neutral - Active' means the card's ability can be activated by any player once per turn (during their action phase).
- Activating a neutral card is similar to playing an action, but does not count as an action played and doesn't require actions to be used.

Fertile Ground - Neutral
If this card is in the game, Victory cards are worth 1 more VP but cost $1 more.

Environmental Degradation - Neutral
If there is 1 empty supply pile, Cards with the same name can only be played 3 times per turn.
If there are 2 empty supply piles, Cards with the same name can only be played 2 times per turn.

Out of Season - Neutral
At the start of the game, each player (in turn order) places an Out of Season marker on top of any supply pile.
Cards from those supply piles cost $1 more for the remainder of the game (effect stacks).

Archipelago - Neutral
When a player plays an attack card, he may discard a card. If he does not, other players are unaffected by the attack.

Prismatic Jewel - Neutral-Victory
Worth 4 VP
At the end of the game, the player with the highest number of different card types in their deck gains the Prismatic Jewel. If more than one player satisfies this condition, no player gains it.

Pawn Shop - Neutral-Active
You may return a card from your hand to the supply. If you do, gain a card costing up to the same value which shares a card type with it. Put it in your hand.

Wandering Merchant - Neutral-Active
Discard two action or treasure cards. Choose one: Gain an action card costing up to $4, OR trash a card from your hand and gain a card costing up to $1 more, OR +1 buy.

Mercenary - Neutral-Active
Trash a treasure other than Copper. Choose one: Look at each player's hand and choose a card. They discard that card (unless they have four or less cards in hand) OR Each other player gains a curse, putting it into their hand.

Travelling Circus - Neutral-Active
Choose one: All players pass a card to the player on their left, OR All players may discard a card and draw a card, OR All players may look at the bottom card of their deck and can discard it or put it back.

Miscellaneous Cards
- The rest of this expansion consists of card ideas following a similar theme. Most importantly, rather than adding more curse-giving attacks this set introduces Squatters.

Squatter - Action - $1
+1 action
Return this card to the supply.
When you buy this card, you may return it to the supply immediately. If you do, each other player gains a Squatter.

Laborer - Action - $2
+1 action, +$1
If you have two or more Laborers in play (including this); +1 card.

Trainee - Action - $3
Return this and one other card from your hand to the supply. Gain an action card costing up to the total value of those two cards.

Refugee Camp - Action - $4
+2 actions
Draw until you have 5 cards in hand.

Hooligans - Action-Attack - $4
Each other player reveals a card from their hand (unless they have 4 or less cards). Choose whether they place it on top of their deck or discard it.

List of Descriptions and Interactions
Shepherd & Cattle Farm: These two cards represent two different ways of using cattle tokens. The first (Shepherd) is where you play a terminal drawer and draw (usually dead) action cards, which you can then play if you have cattle tokens. The second (Cattle Farm) is when you have tokens in store, but are unsure whether it's worth drawing the top card of your deck, hence the mini-spy effect. Cattle tokens are very useful for action chains, terminal drawers, and allows players to use less village-type cards in their engine.
Fruit Merchant, Goodwill & Plantation: These cards represent different ways of getting lots of fruit tokens. Goodwill combined with buys and squatters/plantation/laborer becomes a very powerful trio, otherwise it is a 'save for later' alternative to Silver. Fruit Merchant works best with bad hands (FCEEE), allowing a person to save up to $3 for later. All of these cards work well with grand markets and big buys (platinum, botanical gardens, mulching machine). During playtesting, fruit tokens seem to work best in both very slow (saving for later) and very powerful decks (accumulating boatloads of tokens).
City Planner, Rancher & Mulching Machine: The usage of fruit tokens allows a player to buy cards without actually playing cards. These cards are designed to take advantage of the remaining cards in your hand (usually victory cards/curses) by granting a bonus if you can reach the required $ to buy it while having unused cards in your hand. Mulching Machine's design makes it possibly the only trasher which doesn't clog the deck after its usefulness has run out. The reaction effect trashes, which is important for removing Squatters & Curses from the game.
Orchard & Botanical Gardens: These two cards represent different sides of fruit token usage in the late-game. Orchard is an on-demand source of tokens which can be saved to potentially buy a province next turn. Botanical Gardens grants an efficient source of VP if you've saved up many tokens already and want to dump them.

Environmental Degradation, Out of Season & Archipelago: These cards add different dynamics to the game intended to make the dominant strategy less clear to the players. ED adds a risk to relying on any single card engine, as an opponent can empty the pile to render it useless. OoS allows the players to mini-embargo a card at the start of the game, granting an incentive to buy other cards. Archipelago makes players think twice about pursuing attacks, forcing them to pay a tax to use them.
Pawn Shop, Wandering Merchant & Mercenary: These are the quintessential 'neutral shop' cards. Pawn Shop allows for instant strategy shifts, giving players a lot of flexibility in putting together card combos. The latter two cards grant a bonus effect at a large cost to the player. Mercenary is extremely powerful for eliminating power cards, and works well with treasure gaining cards and IGG.
Fertile Ground: Shifts the value of all the victory cards in the game, pushing players out of their comfort zone (of knowing when to go green). Makes Botanical Gardens and other easily stacked victory cards more powerful.
Prismatic Jewel: Like ED, grants an incentive for variety. Card types include Action, Reaction, Duration, Attack, Treasure, Victory, Curse.
Travelling Circus: A card filled with minor/fun effects which would generally make for very weak cards on their own. Works with Pearl Diver!

Squatter: Squatters are one-shot cursing attacks which are powerful with +Buys. Named Squatter because of the 'Get off my lawn' effect when you send them back to the supply.
Laborer: A simple card which can be stacked to create a cheap, strong engine.
Trainee: Acts as a slow pseudo-trasher, which be upgraded into a better action.
Refugee Camp: A village geared towards hand-size reduction rather than +cards. Works well as a counter to Squatters and Militia, but otherwise it fulfills a niche role and is difficult to string together without powerful trashing.
Hooligans: A more flexible type of handsize reducer, the choice of attack allows you to always damage your opponent.

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