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Game Reports / Ambassador Hell
« on: October 21, 2011, 10:20:04 am »
Oh, Ambassador. You are an amazing card, but I don't entirely understand how to play you(nor do I like playing you). That combination of features lead to this, one of the strangest games of dominion I've ever played.

After opening with the obligatory pair of ambassadors, I was originally planning on going for a normal game and eventually getting golds or something. Munchausen, however, had other plans, and after he grabbed the third ambassador I became too afraid of falling behind in the ambassador war and grabbed more ambassadors. The result was a game where getting to anything above 4 was a challenge(the first card costing more than 4 bought was my hoard on turn 32), and a game that was hilarious to play once, but would probably be horrible to ever play again.

Random thoughts:
-Warehouse is not very good with ambassador since you end up down a card. It became a much better card for me around turn 30 when I stopped trying to win the ambassador war and just started to try to buy and play expensive cards.
-Bureaucrat and Saboteur are terrible cards, but probably would've been great in this game. I remember seriously considering getting a saboteur sometime in the first half of the game and not doing it; in retrospect, that was definitely a mistake.

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