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Dominion: Adventures Previews / Is there a card list anywhere?
« on: May 03, 2015, 03:25:09 pm »
Pretty much what it says. Everyone seems to know all the cards from adventures but I haven't seen a card list? Is there one up that I couldn't find (and if so could someone link it) or has everyone just learned from watching videos?

Game Reports / Reminding me why I love Dominion
« on: November 02, 2014, 11:22:12 pm »
Today I played my first games of online dominion since the end of Season three. Most of them were fairly normal but there was one that made me frankly giddy and I wanted to share it.

Code: [Select]
Urchin, Noble Brigand, Thief, Throne Room, Trader, Wandering Minstrel, Cartographer, Governor, Rogue, Possession
(if anyone feels like telling me how to use the prettifier then I'll fix this up)

So I started out hoping that I'd be able to get off Governor (with Mercenary setup) before Possession came into play (which was a terrible plan in hindsight) but my opponent rushed Possession and quickly stopped that notion. I then started trashing down almost immediately, thinking that remodelling a gold early would give me an edge in vp if we had an outright stall. But we didn't, my opponent hit a province off a bunch of silver and didn't trash his deck down much yet I still couldn't hit a province with his deck while he was possessed (and to make matters worse he managed to gain a gold with Governor and draw it with another one after my double possession turn). I was a bit frustrated with my luck at this point and when my opponent started remodelling both my and his stuff into Duchies we both thought he was in control of the game. But then I realised that my deck was small enough that I could probably make gold and then remodel it in the same turn. I lost a few possession plays having to throne room Governor to pull it off but I did and I started catching up. My opponent finished piling out the duchies and started trying to rush through virtually anything to let him end the game but on my 13th turn possessing my opponent I finally hit province money and managed to close out the game with a remodel on my turn. As a bonus my opponent and I exchanged a couple of complimentary words postgame.

I know people hate possession but it made this game epic (61 turns in total with plenty of tension later on) and reminded me what I've been missing out on.

If anyone wants to analyse the board or either of our play feel free but I just posted this because I wanted to share.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion "all stars" set.
« on: April 09, 2014, 08:34:23 pm »
I've been thinking about a set of 25 Dominion cards so as to give the 'best' selection of kingdoms from them (I'm sure this has already been discussed before but I had no idea where to look for it (and I don't think I've seen one since guilds came out)).  I don't actually want to make a real one and don't even have every set to do it, this is theoretical only.

Here's my first attempt, I've tried to get multiple choices for trashing, gaining, attacking, villages, +buy and terminal draw while also allowing a diverse range of strategies:

2: Cellar (1)

3: Watchtower, Oasis, Scheme, Forager, Doctor (5)

4: Militia, Gardens, Bridge, Conspirator, Mining Village, Caravan, Bishop, Talisman, Farming Village, Armoury (10)

5: Tactician, Bazaar, Apprentice, Jester, Haggler, Embassy, Catacombs, Soothsayer, Butcher (9)

I haven't playtested this but what do people think? Is there anything that really shouldn't be here? Are there traits that I'm missing? Does this actually look fun? Feedback would be nice (under the premise that you actually find this interesting enough to discuss).


2: Cellar, Hamlet (2)

3: Watchtower, Oasis, Swindler, Scheme, Forager, Doctor (6)

4: Militia, Gardens, Bridge, Conspirator, Caravan, Bishop, Talisman, Farming Village, Armoury (9)

5: Tactician, Bazaar, Apprentice, Haggler, Embassy, Catacombs, Soothsayer, Butcher (8)

Dominion General Discussion / Silverspawn's trashing formula
« on: December 13, 2013, 04:25:39 pm »
I was still only lurking here when Silverspawn started a fight with half of the forum by suggesting that lookout was a better trasher for 3 than ambassador but I watched it with amusement and interest. One thing that interested me was his 'ratio' for the reduction in deck size vs the damage done to your current hand (which no-one actually refuted by the way) and I decided to reprise this here.

Silverspawn's 'ratios' were off as he treated all cards in hand as being of equal worth when they're clearly not; estates are worth nothing financially so removing them does nothing to harm your current hand while the spot taken in your hand by the trasher is likely worth 2 as it could have been a silver.

Here are my revised 'ratios'.


Ambassador (treating junking your opponent one card as equivalent to trashing one):
1/2 (does not return anything, just junks your opponent), 2/3 (returns a single copper), 3/4 (returns 2 coppers), 2/2 (returns a single estate), 3/2 (returns 2 estates)

Obviously Ambassador is superior here but I thought it would be interesting extending this to other trashers that cost 4 or less (for simplicity's sake I'm only going to consider gaining money and trashing copper or estates even though most of these cards are worse than normal in such a situation).

Chapel (obviously has many more possibilities but I'm going to assume you trash all the estates and coppers you see):
3/5-3/2 (collides with your other opener), 4/6-4/3 (doesn't)


0/2 (draws without estates and doesn't trash a copper), 0/-1 (trashes estate, grains silver (yes I am aware that gaining a card worth 3 is not equivalent to the worth of 3 money in your hand))

Masquerade (early on +2 cards vs 2 money is a wash):
0/-1 (passes estate for copper, doesn't trash), 1/0 (passes estate, trashes whatever's recieved), 1/-1 (passes estate for copper, trashes estate), 0/0 (passes copper for copper, doesn't trash), 1/1 (passes copper, trashes)

0/0 (doesn't trash), 2/4-2/2 (does)


0/1 (hits silver), 1/1 (hits copper)

Trade Route:
1/2, 1/3

2/4 (cc), 1/0 (ce), 0/-4(ee)

1/3, 0/-3

0/-1 (trashes), -1/0 (doesn't)

Spice Merchant:

1/3, -1/-6

1/2 (trashes copper or estate (having not trashed a treasure earlier)), 1/1 (trashes estate after trashing copper)

0/-3 (trashes), -1/-3 (doesn't)



What do people think: how much value does such an analysis actually have?

Game Reports / Graverobber/Border Village.
« on: October 04, 2013, 09:39:33 pm »

I decided to try something a bit weird this game (for me anyway) and try to buy a lot of border villages and trash them (and other stuff) into provinces with graverobber. I got 4 provinces on turn 13 but stalled out hard soon after and gave him time to get 88 points of vineyards.

Would my gameplan have been viable here if I'd bought a few more border villages instead of provinces? What if vineyard wasn't on the board? In short: does Graverobber/Border Village work or was I just lucky to get 4 provinces fairly fast this game?

Variants and Fan Cards / Elixir (the treasure village)
« on: August 24, 2013, 08:50:45 pm »
When you play this, play an action card from your hand. Worth $ equal to half its cost in coins, rounded up*.

I haven't playtested this because my real life playgroup isn't experienced enough for me to feel confident that they'd understand this but I'm interested in people's thoughts on it: would it be an interesting card or is it too weird?

*I know dominion convention rounds things down but the card looks really bad in comparison to festival otherwise.

V2 in consideration of eHalycon's post.:

Worth $2. When you play this you may play an action card from your hand.

Game Reports / The Trashing Kingdom (No Log)
« on: August 21, 2013, 01:49:26 am »
The other day I ended up playing a game with a very unusual kingdom and I'm interested to know people's thoughts about it.

The Kingdom:
2: Chapel
3: Doctor
4: Salvager, Thief
5: City, Duke, Graverobber, Mint
6: Farmland, Harem

The Game:
I opened Chapel and decided to get Thief figuring that it should work better than normal in the trashing heavy kingdom. He ignored the faster trashing options in favour of Salvager and bought a bunch of Cities while I stuck with Thief/Big Money. I got really lucky and hit Silver, Gold, Harem, Silver with my first 4 Thief plays ended up winning decisively with 6 dukes and 7 duchies.

Do you agree with me that Thief/BM off a Chapel opening is actually the best option on this kingdom or are there other actions I should’ve bought instead?

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