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Puzzles and Challenges / Turn 4 Treasure map Action
« on: July 05, 2011, 05:39:37 pm »
Personally, I hate treasure maps.  I think they're too luck based, but when playing an opponent who manages to get a turn 5 treasure map activation, I like to figuratively throw my keyboard out my window.

So first, I thought, is there a way to activate your Treasure Maps on Turn 3?  I could not come up with a solution.  So I figured it must be possible in turn 4.  Turns out that's true and there's a lot of ways to achieve this.  So how many ways is this possible?  And now the tough part.  Which of these solutions is most likely to happen (don't count probability of your opening draw, you can just set it to what you want it to be)?

My best solution is 4.8% of the time -- and surprisingly is probably going to be the first solution most people will think of.

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