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Rules Questions / Gain to hand vs Haunted Woods
« on: November 16, 2017, 11:23:49 am »
Lots of 'gain to hand' in Nocturne. So,

do you first gain to hand, then topdeck your hand to the Haunted woods


first topdeck what ever you have, then gain the new card to hand?

Dominion General Discussion / Weird stuff that can happen with randomizers
« on: December 14, 2016, 11:57:07 am »
Haven't played this game yet, but:

Young Witch + Castles as the Bane pile...

(Rest of the board: count, poor house, rebuild.., Enchantress, Legionary, Wild hunt, conspirator, counting house, quarry. defiled shrine and fountain)

Can't play it before 10 days, since the Empires box is wrapped up under the tree. I'm thinking rebuild loves the Castles?

Rules Questions / Procession + Reserves
« on: August 01, 2015, 07:37:30 am »
I couldn't find anything about it in Dark Ages or Adventures rules.

Processing a Reserve card (in our case Ratcatcher), does the Reserve get trashed? It has been moved to the Tavern mat on the first play, so would the Procession find it?

We ended up ruling that it didn't, but that you got the double +action and double +card (and the $3 cost new card since there is no "if you do" wording on Procession).

Game Reports / Cwazy Pathfinding game
« on: July 07, 2015, 04:53:29 pm »
3p real life, kingdom: Coin of the Realm, Guide, Haven, Messenger, Thief, Mystic, Wine Merchant, Vault, Hunting Party, Grand Market / Pathfinding

I and another went for Path+Hunting Party, with WM as payload, the last player tried for Path+GM. Without trashers, Vault was the stepping stone there. Opening Messengers threw around Coins, a Haven and a Guide for free.

Coins emptied first, then I won the split on the HPs. At this point I and the third person had 3 provinces each, so I picked up a Vault way late, to grab the last 3 GMs ($12 just from coppers and greens..) and add a duchy for the win.

The second player attempted a Thief, but with all our actions, and the Coins safely on the mat, that didn't help him much. Third player _probably_ should have taken his vault earlier, and said he should have taken a wine merchant too. The coin from GM just wasn't enough.

Anyone with other ideas?

Variants and Fan Cards / 7 sacraments
« on: May 31, 2015, 09:59:37 am »
I don't have all ready yet, and done no playtesting, the idea just popped into my head to try my hand at a themed miniset. The seven would be baptism, communion, confession, ordination, last rites, confirmation and marriage.

Baptism - action
Cost $4?
+3 Cards
Trash a card from your hand
Discard a card from your hand
Put a card back on your deck.
Theme: making a fresh start

Confession - action-reaction
Cost ?
When another player plays an attack you may set this aside. If you do, the attacker discards a silver or reveals a hand without silvers.
On your next turn, return this card to your hand.
Theme: paying for their sins. I fear this to scale poorly or be too political with several players though..

Last Rites - event
Cost ?
Trash your hand.
Okay, I admit, this one should maybe go in the really bad card ideas thread, but after sitting with a hand of Estate, Curse, Curse, Curse, Curse in an Ambassador/Seahag game, it was tempting. I'll try to make a more serious one later.

Game Reports / Where 5/2 is meaningless..
« on: January 21, 2015, 04:32:55 pm »
Bank, Nobles, Goons, Feast, Island, Warehouse, Fishing Village, Black Market, Workshop, Swindler

So I get 5/2 and open with Island/Nothing...

Things did get better though - Remake from black market was a God's send, so was Kings Court - though it came late and was used only 2-3 times.
My opponent found Hoard (which I swindled after he got some nice rounds of 4$ = Island + Gold) and Rabble (which was mildly unpleasant until I swindled that too). The engine mostly consisted of FV/Nobles with remake/BM as early payload and Goons/Swindler later on.

Thanks to his Rabble draw and a more useful opening, he got the $6 earlier than me, but in the end I won 46/44. Game ended on piles (nobles, islands, estates).

Game Reports / No plus-actions..
« on: December 01, 2013, 07:12:29 am »
2-player. Forge, Kings Court, Trading Post, Saboteur, Gardens, Quarry, Throne Room, Watchtower, Loan, Trade Route. Colonies included.

Loads of ways to trash your cards - or multiply them, but not really much actions to use those multiplyers/trashers on.

We ended up building up Trade Route to max (5). My husband occasionally kings courted it, but was rather tight-lipped about what he had to trash (I gather forges and provinces may have been involved..  :-\) to buy the Colonies. I just managed to Throne Room it, but that was ok, because my 5. card in hand was a colony... Game ended on provinces, he won.

And a rules question: When Trading Post gains a silver to your hand, can you use Watchtower to put it on your deck instead? (Instance; it was my only $ that turn, and with no $2 cards, I figured it was better saved for next turn.)

Dominion General Discussion / Mixing languages
« on: June 07, 2013, 06:41:32 am »
I have the base and intrigue set in Norwegian, but I can't find any of the other sets translated. Are the English ones equal (for example in backside design and size), so that I can buy them instead?

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