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Dominion: Dark Ages Previews / Dark Ages combo ideas
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:52:11 am »
I have played a few games with the new set, and a few possible combos jumped out at me. I'm not at all sure how they will hold up on further play, but they seem interesting enough to see if people have any thoughts on them, or any thoughts on other combos suggested by the set. Okay, here goes:

Hunting ground/Bandit camp:

The big draw back of hunting ground as the basis for a draw engine is that, at a cost of 6$, it competes with the gold you need for to be drawing to buy provinces. Bandit camp solves this problem by providing a one shot gold everytime you play it, allowing you to build your draw engine without spending as many buys on money. I played this combo once and it worked quite well, but since the two cards are both expensive, it might turn out to be too slow on most boards. Still, might be worth looking out for.


Urchin is already being slammed as a weak card (along with its grown up version mercenary) but it seems to fit in well with a cultist chain deck. The cultists make it easy to turn the Urchin into a Mercenary, and the Mercenary can thin your deck out to help make sure your cultists find each other and keep the chain going. Late game, the Mercenary can trash cultists for mega turns.

Death cart/ Squire:

This is more of an opening, I guess, then a combo per se. Opening Death cart and then Squire allows you to quickly get up to gold, grab some silvers, and if the death cart and squire collide then you get yourself an attack card. Of course, if you draw the death cart with none of your actions you are probably in trouble. I am interesting in seeing if Death Cart openings will end up being strong, but at first glance squire seems like nice support for it.

Okay, so that's what I've got. As I said, I've only played a few games with the set so far, and all of them have been Dark Ages cards only, so not sure how these interact with other sets. What do people think? Any of these have potential? And does anyone have any other potential combos to share?

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