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Goko Dominion Online / Trolling thy name is Making Fun
« on: December 06, 2015, 06:53:26 pm »
Hello fellow f.dsers,

So recently I have been playing some Online Dominion on the computer and on the tablet.  So far my last 15 games have resulted in 5 times of me being kicked out of the game because Making Fun lost connection with the server.  This has been very frustrating, especially since these games were mostly against easier opponents where I had the advantage.  There were also a few games where watchtower wouldn't let me trash the incoming coppers and curses from mountebank, and it was automatically putting them on top of my deck.  Now if these were not pro games I wouldn't care so much, but this is severely affecting my rating.  I might have to stop playing for a while until they fix this problem.  If anyone else is having some of these same problems, share some of your experiences please.  I would like to hear how others games are going for them lately.

Hello, if anybody reads this, when is dominion going to be available for iOS devices?  We were told by Kate Connally, the new CEO of Goko,  that in early September it would be available in the App Store. It's been over a month later and still no dominion Goko app. Now I could be overlooking it in the App Store, but I also haven't heard anything either.  So, if anybody knows anything, please let me know. 
                  Thanks, Microman

Hello to anyone who is reading this.  I am not too computer sauvy and was wondering if anyone knows how to get an avatar for Goko other than the ones they let you choose from.  I have images of cards I would like to use as my avatar but I dont understand how to convert them to PNG files.  All the images I have are jpeg or something else.  So if anyone could give some helpful advice on how to do that or how they were able to find their avatars it would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Microman   

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