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I keep seeing this phenomenon even in game logs from high ranking players.

Someone gets to turn six, they have two terminals in their deck already, there are no +Action effects on the board, they get a bad draw with only 2$.... and they buy Herbalist.  They don't even have a gold in their deck and they're buying TERMINAL COPPER to conflict with the actual useful actions in their deck.  Oops.

It's turn nine, a guy plays two Worker's Village and draws his SINGLE Goons.  He buys a much needed Gold.... and three Coppers.  The game is at least ten turns from ending and his inability to hit NONE just gave his deck a REVERSE CHAPEL TURN in trade for an almost irrelevant amount of VP chips.  Oops.

A guy has a nice Hunting Party or Golem stack going.  He gets a random low money turn and buys a Spy, or a Pawn, or a random unique action.  The card adds almost nothing to his deck but his amazing deck search actions are going to happily dig it up for mediocre effect when they should be finding game breaking actions or money for Province.  Oops.

It's turn six and a guy gets Saboteured and, WHAM, gets unlucky and loses his brand new Mountebank.  The player goes into auto pilot mode and takes an Estate as replacement.  Oops.

Don't let this happen to you!  When you're looking at your $ and your buys for the turn ALWAYS consider None.  It definitely isn't always the best buy but it is sometimes.  Do you have two Smithies and no Villages?  Don't buy that Pawn! It gives you almost nothing and can turn your Smithies in to Moats.  I know that Pawn is OFTEN better than nothing but you shouldn't be considering whether a card is generally OK, or better than Silver, or you've won with it in the past.  You should consider how it will help your specific strategy win or lose the game.

Just because you CAN gain a card doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Game Reports / Interested in commentary
« on: July 12, 2011, 04:55:12 am »
...on This 32 turn slog fest.

In retrospect, the presence of chapel leads me to believe that Hag is a worse open than Militia.  Agree/Disagree?

Feels like Militia would let me react to his Potion buy better later as well.  On a Militia/Ghost ship turn you will essentially have to have Gold+Gold+Potion to buy Possession.  It hit me soon after buying my reactive Potion that the chances were lower for me to buy one than for him.  It turns out that both of our decks end up buying two.

I'm also wondering if I should have bought a Council Room sooner.  Maybe even opening Silver/Chapel with plans of skipping up to the super Militia that is Ghost Ship.  If there were even one decent village effect I may have even gone for a Scrying Pool deck.

As it turns out my terminals conflict often early and I barely trash at all early.  My opponent does a great job of getting rid of all the curses Hag throws him and I end up losing by a tiny margin.  In recent days Militia has really been beating up on Sea Hags in games I've played.  Maybe I'm still valuing it too highly in games with a decent amount of trashing.

Council Room Feedback / Moving the legend on card comparison
« on: July 07, 2011, 07:05:17 am »
THIS is an extreme example of what I'm referring to.  Usually you won't have nearly that many cards compared but here you can't see the first five turns AT ALL due to the legend.  I tried using a few browsers and it's the same on all.  Even for something as simple as THIS the legend blocks a bunch of data.

Is there a way to move the legend elsewhere on the graph or off to the side completely?  On a scale of 'Absolutely Critical' to 'What Were We Talking About?' I would probably rate this as a 'Irrelevantly Annoying'...

Dominion General Discussion / How do you play this?
« on: July 05, 2011, 02:47:18 am »

Pretty sure I picked the absolute worst strategy with University//Torturer with some tactician support.  What's your strategy and what adjustments do you make if your opponent tries various options?

Dominion General Discussion / Ambassador vs Sea Hag
« on: July 01, 2011, 07:08:12 am »
Take a theoretical game, both players get a 4:3 start.  The Kindom cards are Sea Hag, Ambassador, and eight Uno cards (IE generic crap, no good + action or trashers).

What are your first two buys?

Does going second and seeing what your opponent buys affect your decision?  Does the fact that Colony is or is not on the board affect your decision?

Ambassador/Ambassador has a higher win rate than Ambassador/Sea Hag according to' best starting hand list.  That seems right as you should be able to pass back curses faster than you're gaining them as well as being able to get rid of coppers/estates faster.  the appeal of Hag would be that it immediately forces your opponent to play four card hands.  This seems to not be as much of an issue when one of the four might be Ambassador but it also means they won't draw Ambassador as often and that their Ambassador will effectively become a worse two card Sea Hag in those positions.

Same game, 4:3 with Ambassador/Sea Hag but now the other eight are random.  What needs to be on the board to NOT open with A/A or A/SH?

Again, if you are second and see his buys how does that affect your buys?


His engine outpaces mine the entire game.  The final turns are epic.

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