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Game Reports / Interaction: Hermit / Governor
« on: December 10, 2013, 01:57:20 pm »
i just killed time with the bots before TV, and played this match against Lord Bottington.

Code: [Select]
Hermit, Wishing Well, Baron, Treasure Map, Band of Misfits, Governor, Inn, Laboratory, Market, Border Village
I realized that governor gives you gold. So maybe a hermit/market square gameplay could work. I got myself 5 Madmen before i cashed in. Much to my surprise i had 6 Provinces after turn 11. That's blazingly fast.
What do you guys think. Is hermit / Governor a viable strategy?

Goko Dominion Online / goko system Update 9/20/13
« on: September 23, 2013, 04:32:12 am »
it has finally happened. The rating decline has been set to normal speed. This should cause all the ratings go up. Good times for the more occasional players, as they have no longer have to run to stand still.

"We updated the rating system so that it loses confidence in its estimate of your ability at a much slower rate. It's back to what it was originally. What this means in practice is that the rating you see will naturally decay at a slower rate, but also that the amount of points you can gain for a win will be smaller following a period of rating decay."

Dominion: Guilds Previews / German Edition of guilds
« on: June 18, 2013, 03:49:35 am »
i just wanted a share of info i received this weekend. We had an IRL tournament this weekend, and Ferdinand the organizer who is linked into the whole game industry wrote an email to jay tummelson of RGG to see if there is any info about german guilds.

Surprisingly (given the fact that he was at the originsat that time) jay answered with 2 short mails. He confirmed that there definitely will be a german version. Unfortunately there was no name dropped, and no definte date. My personal guess would be during the "Spiel" in Essen late October.

Ferdinand also tries to convince Jay to support the continuation of World/Euro championships of Dominion. They have a meeting about this topic in August. Lets see what future brings.

Goko Dominion Online / System Update 5/23/13
« on: May 23, 2013, 10:37:55 am »
copy/pasted from here:

System Update 5/23/13
We updated the system with the following changes.

Fixed problem where "Player has left the game" message wasn't being displayed.

Fixed bug where cards needed for the Adventure and purchased during the current session weren't recognized.

Fixed "Play Treasures" button for Grand Market when you have Counterfeit, Spoils, Ill-Gotten Gains, Venture, or Philosopher's Stone
Fixed problem playing Procession followed by Outpost

Dominion AI changes:
•Fixed bug deciding what to do when playing Jester

•Fixed bug deciding what to do when reacting with Secret Chamber

•Fixed bug where AI would sometimes make a random buy (even a Curse) when Horn of Plenty is in play

•Improved play of Bureaucrat, Rogue, Governor, Embargo, Envoy, and Treasure Map

•Improved play while possessing

•Fixed bugs in rare situations when the AI has multiple buys and Copper/Curses are running out

Goko Dominion Online / System Update 5/16/13
« on: May 16, 2013, 06:16:47 am »
a new update is out. chat should be working again

System Update 5/16/13
Edit Subject Changes just installed:

•Fixed incompatibility with Internet Explorer 10 causing games with the Herbalist card not to load, including in the Adventures

•Fixed recent bug with chat after ending game

•Chat during game no longer shows up in meeting room chat for the chatting player

•Added Next button to score summary screen

•Various enhancements for Facebook, including a friend-only setting in leader board

Goko Dominion Online / System Update 5/13/13
« on: May 14, 2013, 03:06:03 am »
another update, that tackles some minor bugs. They are still working on the chat after game has ended issue though.

System Update 5/13/13
Edit Subject Changes in last night's update:
* Fixed: Game log not accessible at end of game problem. (introduced in the previous update)
* Fixed: Game Server Disconnected message shown when it's not supposed to be.
* Fixed: The Hinterlands adventure Act 1, Game 12, might give you an incorrect message about missing the Ill-Gotten Gains card.
* Fixed: Band of Misfits becomes "Band of Lighthouses" problem, which could happen if Lighthouse was played at the end of the previous game.
Hinterlands Act 1, Game 12, I get the message that I may not play as I do not have the card, Ill Gotten Gains

Goko Dominion Online / System Update 5/11/13
« on: May 13, 2013, 02:24:02 am »
There is a big update out. copy/pasted from getsatisfaction

Edit Subject Some changes with last night's release:

* Added the rating system name to game log
* Fixed game log in the case of quit games to assign cards from play and other public areas to the correct player
* Fixed meeting room to take user back to the same room where he started.
* Tie game display fixed - in some cases player ties showed "game over", now they correctly show "tie game" in all cases
* Fixed new bug with Forge counting potions when it shouldn't
* Alert the user if he does not have the cards to play an adventures node
* Coin award fixed - coin award was not working correctly with ties and resigns in some cases
* Cards dragged and moved back to a hand, reveal area, etc. after a failed drop go back to the same location as before the drag
* Fixed crash on Safari 6.0.4 once user back to result screen
* Fixed bug with Facebook support.
* Fixed bug: Cannot click on a node in Tutorial - Dominion Facebook
* Rogue card text cleaned up
* Bot improvements
- Reveal Moat each time against Throne-Room'd or Kings-Court'd attacks
- Don't necessarily reveal Moat against Swindler/Saboteur if Market Square(s) in hand
- Don't opt to gain a Duchy with Count when ther are none left in the supply
- Realize when potions are completely useless.
- Dissuaded from buying a potion for vineyards before it has action cards
- Plays possessed hand better

Goko Dominion Online / System Update 5/1/13
« on: May 02, 2013, 06:12:00 am »
again i'm just the messenger here. This update seems to take care of a lot of annoying things.


Last night we updated the site with a number of internal improvements plus the following:

* Fixed probabilities with how often Platinums/Colonies showing up in games
* Fixed annoyance in reveal area where clicking one two cards too quickly magnifies a card.
* Fixed freeze with reveal area by forbidding card preview in the reveal area.
* Adjusted awarding of coins for Adventures: Quit or less than 8 turns is always 0 coins, Resigns treated as normal losses
* Cartographer no longer shows the cards looked at and put back in the opponent's game logs
* Hide the "Can't Gain" Lock graphic over the Grand Market when gaining a card from Haggler.
* Fixed crash that occurred if revealing Watchtower in your hand in response to a Governor choosing to gain a Gold.
* Fixed bot freeze when gaining an Inn with no action cards in the discards pile (yes, it can happen with Graverobber, Armory, Develop which top-deck Inn)
* Bots have a better idea of:
- how to play when possessing (more to do though)
- how useful prizes, Madman, Mercenary, Spoils, Rats are in hand
- when to play Thief, Fortune Teller, Remake, Cultist, Saboteur, Rabble
- when not to reveal a bane
- what to trash with Forager, Junk Dealer, Trade Route follow  5246770
Some of those internal improvements include:
* You'll see a message when the opponent has lost his connection (and reconnected)
* There should be fewer problems:
- not being able to connect
- not being able to log in
- with unwarranted declines of payment

Goko Dominion Online / System Update 4/17/13
« on: April 18, 2013, 05:18:16 am »
just copied from getsatisfaction:

System Update 4/17/13 Edit Subject I'd like to try to get back to posting what's been updated. Here's what's just been updated online.

Dominion Cards
* Develop: Now shows gained card(s) face-up when possessed
* Grand Market: Fix for "Play All Treasures" button when this is in the supply
* Loan: Dragging is no longer required, as buttons allow for discarding/trashing
* Mint: AI will avoid playing it if it would mint a treasure it doesn't want
* Noble Brigand: Improved game log
* Secret Chamber: Forbid it from being played twice directly in a row, reacting against the same event

This last one is not in the rulebook, but Donald X has approved it for our use online. It streamlines the user interface by eliminating a click, lessens some newbie confusion, and prevents stalling by malicious opponents. Note that this doesn't prevent you from revealing a Secret Chamber to get a Moat into your hand, revealing the Moat, and then revealing the Secret Chamber again to top-deck it.

Dominion World Masters / 2013 Qualifier for Austrian Nationals
« on: February 13, 2013, 03:46:38 am »
The next 3 dates for the Qualifiers for the Nationals have been fixed:

23-02-2013 15:00
Go7, 1070 Wien, Mariahilfer Straße 82

23-03-2012 10:00
Go7, 1070 Wien, Mariahilfer Straße 82

25-05-2013 10:00
Go7, 1070 Wien, Mariahilfer Straße 82

Austrian Nationals
15-06-2013 10:00
Bootshaus, 3100 St.Pölten, Harlander Straße 28

details about the tournament structure (german only)

registration link:

Goko Dominion Online / Solo Games on Goko
« on: February 11, 2013, 03:01:33 pm »
i just tried out the solo play option on goko.

example with Stef's Dominion Academy 1

the funny thing is you can only choose one player if you are in the secret chamber. In the other rooms this feature doesn't work. But it's nice to know, that if you want to try out strategies you can do so.


i'm home with a cold, so i dont want to play any real dominion and decided to play with the inferior KC/ Scavenger combo. I noticed a couple of things. You reach the combo between turns 9-10 most of the times. 8 turns is lucky, and having it by turn 7 is the earliest possible. So its by no means slow.

On the other hand there is KC, and oftentimes there are better engines out. And sometimes you will get bad draws, and not assemble the combo at all. In the example above i get incredible luck, and pull of 8 provinces in 14 turns.

If you are gunning for the combo you open Scavenger / Silver with another Scavenger / Silver turns 3+4. You put away the deck with every Scavenger play and put the other Scavenger on top of your Deck. You want a 3rd Scavenger if you dont get to 7, and maybe another Silver (or Gold if you get to 6).

Once you have a KC you put it on top and hope to draw it with your Scavenger and buy the 2nd KC.

Turn 10 seems to be a tipping point. If you havent assembled the combo until now you basically have lost the game. The more cards you get in your deck the more difficult it will be to draw your Combo pieces.

This combo is fun the first games, but you really feel like a bot while playing it.

Goko Dominion Online / Hillarious game -109 turns-
« on: January 07, 2013, 06:36:36 am »
i just got some time to kill, and had a look into the dominionlogs from goko. There i noticed a game with significant higher file size than the other logs. And i discovered this beauty. 109 turns of dominion madness.

---------- Daniel Greeley: turn 109 ----------
Daniel Greeley - plays Cellar
Daniel Greeley - discards Province
Daniel Greeley - draws Gold
Daniel Greeley - plays Chancellor
Daniel Greeley - plays 2 Gold, 1 Silver
Daniel Greeley - buys Province
Daniel Greeley - gains Province
Daniel Greeley - draws Silver, Cellar, Workshop, Copper, Silver
------------ Game Over ------------
Daniel Greeley - cards: 9 Workshop, 9 Mine, 9 Chancellor, 8 Chapel, 7 Market, 6 Cellar, 52 Copper, 5 Laboratory, 3 Library, 27 Silver, 13 Gold, 1 Smithy, 9 Estate, 6 Province, 5 Duchy
Daniel Greeley - total victory points: 60
Daniel Greeley - turns: 109
Village Idiot Bot - cards: 10 Village, 9 Smithy, 6 Library, 4 Laboratory, 3 Cellar, 2 Market, 16 Gold, 12 Silver, 1 Chapel, 2 Province, 2 Duchy, 1 Estate
Village Idiot Bot - total victory points: 19
Village Idiot Bot - turns: 109
1st place: Daniel Greeley
2nd place: Village Idiot Bot

If you are ahead and just cant buy the last province, don't expect any help from the bots.

Help! / 98-94 on a Province board with Bisho/Fortress
« on: January 06, 2013, 07:15:44 am »
This has been a very intense Battle between Emeric and me on Goko. We both went for Bishop and Fortress and messed each other hands with Masquerade and Cutpurse. Emeric had the early lead, i catched up midgame and had the lead till the end, when Emeric broke PPR and i could not buy the last Province.

here's the log:

What would have been the best way to play this board? Is there something we missed?

Other Games / Donald X. new game Monster Factory
« on: November 27, 2012, 05:35:38 am »
On last weekends "Spielefest Wien" i discovered a new game from Donald X. Vaccarino.

Heres a link (doesn't say much though):

the game is a tile placing game, a little bit like Carcassonne. Your goal is to create monsters. The biggest completed monster wins. So it's quite easy, but nevertheless very cute. My daughters absolutely love it. The even dismissed a Walt Disney Princess + ballet thingy and claimed they would rather build monsters instead.

Talking to Jay from Rio Grande, this game has no publisher in german yet, so it might be a bit difficult to gain. I ordered a copy from great Britain. It just arrived yesterday, and we were playing a couple of games yesterday.

This game is a lot of fun and definitely suited for kids. The kids love it and the adults wont mind playing it. The monsters you create are really cute. It has a slight tactical approach, since you can mess around with other players monsters, so it might be also a step towards deeper boardgames.

If you are looking for a X-mas gift for a family with kids, you can easily do worse.

Dominion General Discussion / Dominion play variant - 8 man draft
« on: November 26, 2012, 08:06:55 am »
Lately i'm thinking a lot about ways to improve tournament play, mostly because i'm very uneasy with the way we have them here. Having a little magic background i always think of randomized sets of 10 as "standard" format. So why not have a sort of "limited" format?

The idea is sort of similar to 8 man drafts in Magic. You have 8 people, everybody gets 8 randomizer cards picks one of them and passes the remaining 7 to the left. He then picks on out of the 7 he receives from his neighbour, passes the remaining 6,... till all cards are gone.

After each player has his 8 Kingdom cards, or piles of kingdom cards, you get to play rounds of 2p- games. 1st player is determined randomly and puts 5 of his 8 Kingdom piles on the table. 2nd player then chooses 5 of his 8. Winner advances to the next round. After 3 rounds there is a winner.

I think this format could be great for mini tournament at a games con, and could also be used as deciding the Top 8 in a larger tournament like nationals. Any thoughts about this?

Dominion World Masters / 2013 Austrian - Tournament season schedule
« on: October 16, 2012, 09:41:12 am »
i'm going to post the dates of Dominion tournaments in Austria, all counting towards qualifying for the Nationals in June 2013.

Below you'll find the official announcement with all the details of the organizer Ferdinand de Cassan (he is basically Mr. Boardgames in Austria). As you can see there are also other boardgame tournaments.

the first 3 tournaments are all in Vienna


17.11: 13:00 at the Spielefest Wien


other cities are following. I will update here, as soon as the dates come in.

------------------------- official announcement in german---------------------------

Wir laden alle ein, auch dieses Jahr bei unserer Meisterschaftssaison 2013 mitzuspielen, die im Juni 2013 mit den Staatsmeisterschaften endet.

Wer gerne um den Titel "Staatsmeister" mitspielen moechte und als Vertreter Oesterreichs bei Europa- und Weltmeisterschaften mitspielen moechte, sollte die Chance waren!

Die naechsten Termine:

Im Go7, Mariahilferstrasse 82, 1070 Wien
Samstag, 27.10.2012 um 10 Uhr: 7 Wonders
Samstag, 27.10.2012 um 15 Uhr: Dominion
Sonntag, 28.10.2012 um 10 Uhr: Catan
Am Spielefest im Austria Center Vienna
Samstag, 17.11. und Sonntag 18.11.2012 alle Spiele, genaue Termine werden noch bekannt gegeben: 7 Wonders, Agricola, Agricola 2er, Carassonne, Catan, Catan 2er, DOminion, Heckmeck, Rummikub und Wizard
Im Das Leech, Leechgasse, 8010 Graz
Samstag, 1. 12.2012 um 10 Uhr: Catan
Im Kulturhaus Wagram, 3100 St.Poelten
Sonntag, 9. 12.2012 um 10 Uhr: Catan
Im Go7, Mariahilferstrasse 82, 1070 Wien
Samstag, 15.12.2012 um 10 Uhr: Wizard
Samstag, 15.12.2012 um 15 Uhr: Dominion
Sonntag, 16.12.2012 um 10 Uhr: Agricola

Bitte um Beachtung, dass wir ein neues Turnierauswertungsprogramm verwenden und auch unsere Rangliste auf moderne Grundlagen umgestellt haben.

Unsere neue Webseite ist jetzt erreichbar unter: und wird jetzt laufend mit neuen Inhalten versorgt, die von den alten Webseiten uebertragen werden.

Wir ersuchen um Anmeldung bis 48 Stunden vor Turnbeginn unter

Die Teilnahmegebuehr im Jahr 2012 betraegt fuer 7 Wonders, Dominion und Wizard  4,00 unf fuer Agricola und Catan  6,00

Ich freue mich schon auf viele tolle Turniere

Ferdinand de Cassan

edit: fixed date at the Spielefest Wien

Dominion World Masters / Tournaments in Austria
« on: June 21, 2012, 08:42:40 am »
We just had the Austrian Nationals last weekend. So from next week on there are ranking events for the Austrian national championship 2013 in every major city in Austria.

All the results are gathered, and the top 32 players will be invited to play the Austrian national championships. Registration and further information can be found at

So, if you are intrested just join. New players are always welcome.

Below is the info about the first tournament for the 2013 season (in german):

Das 1. DOMINION-Turnier der neuen Meisterschaftssaison 2013
Termin: Samstag, 23. Juni 2012 - Beginn um 10:00 Uhr - Ende ca. 14 Uhr

Ort: SBZ Cafe Bistro Das Leech, Leechgasse 30, 8010 Graz

Startgebühr: € 4.00 - Teilnahmegebühr bitte vor Ort zahlen
Anmeldung: per Email bis spätestens Freitag, 22.6.2012 um 12 Uhr

Turnierleiter und Schiedsrichter: Ferdinand de Cassan

Details zur Durchführung des Turniers:
Dieses Turnier geht über 4 Runden, es gibt drei Vorrunden und eine Endrunde.
Es wird an 3er und 4er Tischen gespielt, je nach Spieleranzahl erfolt die Aufteilung.
Folgende Editionen werden eingesetzt werden: Intrige, Seaside, Blütezeit und Hinterland.

Preise: Pokal und T-Shirt für den 1. Platz, Urkunden für alle Mitspieler

Das Turnier zählt zur Rangliste!

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