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Dominion Isotropic / Most contentious isotropic exchanges
« on: July 22, 2012, 02:17:04 am »
This was a first for me. I'd like to note at the start, really, I'm not slow at all. Some people want to play dominion on a chess clock set for 60 seconds -- that's neither normal nor expected. I did become resentful as you can see below. Contentious.

 1:57 Lopoas: .
*Embargos golds
 1:59 Moist von Lipwig: really
 1:59 Lopoas: slow as fuck
 2:02 Moist von Lipwig: go fuck yourself? :]
 2:04 Lopoas: wow
 2:04 Lopoas: the time it takes you to think
 2:04 Lopoas: is probably the time it takes you to ejaculate
 2:04 Lopoas: go to
 2:04 Lopoas: read
 2:05 Lopoas: and then come back and play with the pros
 2:05 Lopoas: you are a loser
 2:05 Moist von Lipwig: lol
 2:05 Moist von Lipwig: im going to sit here and surg the web
 2:05 Moist von Lipwig: surf even*
 2:05 Moist von Lipwig: that ok with you? cool
 2:13 Lopoas has returned to the lobby.

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