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Rules Questions / Donating your Entire Hand
« on: July 30, 2022, 07:48:11 pm »
Can you trash everything with Donate?

The text and the FAQ for Donate states that you draw your entire deck into your hand, then can trash any number of cards from it. This means you can trash every thing and give yourself a hand of 0 cards. Since you'd still have the debt (most likely) from buying Donate, you cannot by additional cards and are softlocked. The simulator replicates this behavior - with a Turn 1 Donate, the bot simply plays until it buys all 12 Provinces (or otherwise ends the game).

Is this an intentional softlock? If not, is there a way out of it?

More realistically, a similar lock could be achived by playing mutliple copies of hand-size independent discard attacks (Taxman, Cutpurse) on a small Copper hand.

Collection / Way of the Horse
Found this in a game, but is way better with trashing or strong engine pieces. It can even create a golden deck. As long as you can draw your hand and have 3-5 Collections, you can do the following:

1.) Draw your hand
2.) Buy 2-5 cheap action cards ($2-$3) with Collection's buy and payload, gaining between 6-25 VP with it
3.) Use Way of the Horse to return them to the supply, while also helping you draw your entire hand
4.) Repeat

This is especially good with Chapel. Chapel, as one of not the best trasher, is fast enough to give you a hand of 4 Collections and a Silver pretty early into the game, where you can then buy 5 Chapels for 20 VP each turn. Since Way of the Horse returns cards to the Supply on your turn, people can't counter this by buying all the Chapels after you set up.

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