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sneaking this in with a couple hours left. two of my favorite groups of cards are Lab-like things (encampment, horses, etc) and cards that have a little minigame to get their full value (conspirator, diplomat, etc). so here's Outcast! if you have exactly one of them, it's a really nice discount lab; with several, you're playing a dangerous game. but it's okay- if you lose your Outcasts, at least you have +buy to get them back! (just make sure you don't get too many!)


maybe i'm misunderstanding the intent here, but how is this particularly functionally different from "When you gain a card, take a token from its pile. | Setup: Put 1 Coffers, 1 Debt, 1 (VP token), and 1 Embargo token on each non-Gathering Kingdom pile."?


i like Horses! i like cards that give Horses, and strategies that rely on playing a ton of Horses per turn. it's hard to make pure Horse-giving cards that don't overlap into the design space of other cards, seeing as how close "gain a Horse" is to "+1 Card". i think this one is different enough from laboratory/destrier, though- gaining 2 Horses is really close to almost as good as getting +2 Cards, but that's only true if you're actually playing the Horses. and if you are, you're not benefitting from what makes this card recursive. is this too good for 5? i also considered having it be "you may topdeck this" instead of "set it aside and put it in your hand". feedback is welcome


You can spend 4 Favors for your buy token, 5 favors for your $1 or action token...

Feedback is appreciated.

this is a really interesting card— just one thing i’d want to point out is the fact that in games with Importer as the only Liaison, the +card token can never be moved. not as big a problem as, like, an Island Folk costed at 6 favors being dead in Importer games, since you can always just move another token; i don’t think it takes away much from the intricacy of the decisions here, but it is something to notice

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: ReAlly?
« on: March 29, 2022, 05:28:19 pm »
RecreationAlly: When told by a teacher, professor, coworker, or boss to “quit playing Dominion and get back to work”, you may spend 5 Favors to ignore them.

Non-Mafia Game Threads / Re: Cardle
« on: February 17, 2022, 06:27:01 pm »

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: ⭐Holiday Fan Card Contest: Round Robin⭐
« on: December 31, 2021, 10:56:14 am »
To go with Timinou’s Blinded:

Action - Attack - $5
+2 Cards
You may Exile a card from your hand. Each other player discards a card that you choose from their Exile mat, or takes Blinded if they can’t.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: ⭐Holiday Fan Card Contest: Round Robin⭐
« on: December 22, 2021, 07:53:29 pm »

oh, cool, i've already got a card that works for this one!

a Lost City variant that's almost always equivalent or better- the only worse case is if you draw 2 cards, have a hand of green and yellow + a smithy or moat thing, then draw some more actions. if it's not your only source of non-terminal draw, though, or if you have villages, it's essentially +2 cards +as many actions as you need. kind of a reverse city quarter, too, in that way.

i originally priced it at 8 debt, but i think it's more interesting this way- are you willing to sacrifice those cheap actions for a much better action, given that the better action wouldve given you a shot at playing those cheaper ones anyway? yes it's good with ruins but so are animal fair and advance. and way of the horse. i dont think that makes it broken

ever wanted your Silvers to be cantrips? who hasn't, these days. just line them up with one of these and there you go.

thought about something similar for last week's contest but forgot to post in time. i feel like this is balanced, not sure if it's all that interesting, but it definitely can help smooth out a deck relying on treasure payload (yes, you get the 2 money from playing the silver)

congrats LFN for the win, and thanks so much to 4est for judging and for the thoughts on my card!

Hello Dominion Strategy Forum- long time lurker, first time poster! Thanks very much to all the people in the dominion discord (especially crlundy) for giving feedback and helping with wording :)

Obviously, the clearest comparison here is to Lurker. Like Lurker, this card is nonterminal and can gain you a CQ/King's Court/Prince/what-have-you (even a Fortune!); unlike Lurker, though, it takes an extra play to do so if you want to make sure that your opponents' Mousetraps aren't seriously powered up, and also, a hand of five Mousetraps will get you four goodies, rather than two.

Mousetrap can also be used as a junker, though- here's where I worry about the balance of the card. Is a 3-coin nonterminal curser too busted? Maybe, especially since it doesn't facilitate thinning like Ambassador; however, it's also a stop card, and if you don't want to get cursed right back, at least one of them per turn is going to have to be played as a dud.

I'm accepting feedback on all fronts (balance, fun-ness, theme).

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