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Action-Command. $5
You may gain a non-Command Action card from the Supply costing up to $5, and play it twice. Each other player may discard two cards from their hand to gain a copy of it (or a horse) to their hand.

I don’t think this needs the Command type; it doesn’t use “leaving it there” wording.  You definitely need to make sure it can’t gain itself, but that can be done by saying “other than Coach,” like what Vampire does.  You could also make it cost $6 and say “costing less than this,” like Berserker, but that significantly impacts the card’s balance.

Yep, those are the 9 examples that use “you can’t” in the card list.

I don’t think there are any official cards that use “you must.”  If “you may” is not used, it’s assumed you have to do the thing.  For example, Haggler doesn’t use “you may,” so you always have to gain a cheaper card, even if you don’t want to (i.e. forced Copper gain).

So how do we handle “you must”?

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #204: Count up!
« on: November 09, 2023, 11:45:25 pm »
4est beat me to it (although mine has some differences).  I'll see if I can come up with something else

$5 - Action

Gain a non-Victory card costing exactly $1 per card in your hand.  If you didn’t gain a card, gain a Loot.

Experienced Jewelers with many rings on their hands can produce amazing wonders.  Nor should one dismiss the beauties created by a hard working craftsman with a single ring on their finger.  But truly masterful Jewelers will be able to manipulate their hands and the materials provided to make something extraordinary.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Halloween Kingdom
« on: October 31, 2023, 05:32:17 pm »
For Candy we need to figure out how many copies of Copper (and all the other Treasures) there are in the world so we know the odds of getting each one.  Same goes for virtual money with Capitalism.  Also Chewbacca.

I wanted to go through the Finalists in some randomly generated kingdoms.  9 official Kingdom cards, at most 1 official landscape, with all official extra turn cards banned.

Animal Fair, Den of Sin, Junk Dealer, Vampire, Hostelry, Sacrifice, Clashes, Siren, Ducat, Capitalism

A really interesting kingdom with lots of Attacks, trashing, and draw.

Even with Warlord around, Carnival is more restrictive.  Importantly, Durations are the only source of draw, so we can either use them to set up for the Carnival turn, or use them on a Carnival turn to set up for the next turn, but not both.  On the other hand, Rainbow Bridge works well because you want the variety for Warlord anyway, especially given you shouldn’t need many villages.

Time Shift has some interesting interactions.  The +5 cards makes an opponent’s Siren draw redundant on the start of their normal turn, but playing a Siren on a normal turn before you take a Time Shift turn still yields draw.  Archer is still useful, but you need to choose between the Warlord attack and the extra turn.  You can also time your Vampire(s) to be active on your normal turn, and then convert them on the extra turn.

Sleep Walking can probably do Siren + Den of Sin Big Money, aided by Capitalism. Siren gives an 8 card hand to Night Shift, but other draw is shut down. Crusade has abundant Duration draw and trashing.  Insurance doesn’t have anything noteworthy here.

King's Cache, Emissary, Magnate, Duplicate, Trail, Underling, Candlestick Maker, Scrying Pool, Overlord, Peril, City-State

A weaker kingdom.  No +Actions except Trail shenanigans, which can really only be pulled off with Scrying Pool, and that’s probably also the best source of draw, although not as good as normal with the lack of trashing.  Alternatively, you could go for Emissary/Magnate & Peril/King’s Cache Big Money.

Of course the lack of Actions doesn’t apply to Rainbow Bridge, so it can still pull off its combo.  However, it did just click with me that Rainbow Bridge checks its condition at clean-up, so you wouldn’t play all your Coppers, like you can with Magic Lamp. In this kingdom there are Loots that can help out with Uniques.

Carnival can use Peril on duplicate or terminally drawn Actions, while bringing in a variety of cards.  City-State could be a good way to get Carnival into play.

The weak kingdom is already a time for Night Shift to shine, but Scrying Pool is “put cards into hand” instead of +Cards, so it can still draw.

Meanwhile, Sleep Walking takes the terminal draw Big Money route.  It probably doesn’t mess with Scrying Pool, but it can over-terminal with a mix of Emissary and Magnate, to have variety and Peril fodder.

Insurance extra turn seems good, as you really want things that are better than Silver here.

Crusade use will be limited, but you probably still get one toward the end.
Time Shift likely goes unused due to the limited draw and trashing… until the end of the game, when it helps a player secure the win.

Corsair, Frigate, Sanctuary, Stash, Cavalry, Envoy, Sauna/Avanto, Walled Village, Augurs

Another nice engine.  Frigate is a check on Sauna/Avanto chaining

Envoy is another draw without using +Cards for Night Shift to take advantage of.  At least the Walled Villages and especially Sauna/Avanto are still nerfed.

Carnival probably struggles here, especially given you want to play both Corsair and Frigate on the extra turn, with only one Walled Village available.  On the other hand Rainbow Bridge gets to use the Corsair and Frigate from the previous turn, and you only need one copy of each of them for the Attack.

Crusade has some decent thinning, but the top-decking could be an issue.  Maybe Walled Village + Herb Gatherer?  Crusade always at least has limited use toward the end of the game.

Sauna/Avanto works with Sleep Walking!  Frigate is still a counter, but definitely the most interesting set for Sleep Walking.

Between Sauna/Avanto and Corsair, it could be a reasonable strategy to gain a Silver every turn, shutting down Insurance’s extra turn.  Trying to play multiple copies of Insurance to get Coffers is countered by Frigate.

Time Shift shuts down your ability to use Corsair and Frigate, and it sets up Sauna/Avanto and Sorceress/Sybil chains for the opponent.  You probably wait till the end of the game to get this.

Governor, Wheelwright, Bounty Hunter, Mountain Village, Shepherd, Farmers' Market, Sage, Taskmaster, Hamlet, Transport

Very quick Bounty Hunter -> Governor game.  Extra turns should be extremely valuable.

Governor being so monolithic and limited trashing is sad for CarnivalRainbow Bridge has issues with that too, but extra turns are powerful.  Let’s see: Rainbow Bridge, Pasture, Bounty Hunter, Taskmaster, Sage, maybe Gold.  There are some other potential uniques, but Rainbow Bridge seems doable.

Crusade has a neat combo with Sage skipping the topdecked Coppers.  You can guarantee a Sage into your starting hand by having Bounty Hunter exile it and then buying Transport.  You drown in Coppers later on, but maybe the game ends quickly enough.

Sleep Walking and Night Shift are likely too limited here.

Governor’s Silver gain can easily shut down Insurance’s extra turn, and Governor takes priority for $5 over Insurance for the Coffer gain.

Time Shift is tricky here.  Combined with the +Card from drawing with Governor over 2 turns, your opponent will have a starting hand of many, many cards.  Then they use Wheelwright to turn their overdraw into gains.  It may be best to wait for Time Shift when you can end the game on your next turn.

Crypt, Merchant Guild, Abundance, Death Cart, Harbor Village, Mapmaker, Procession, Wizards, Druid (Swamp, Flame, Moon), Piazza, Crafters' Guild

Piazza + Crafters’ Guild is a nice combo.  Draw and trashing are sort of limited. Procession alongside Merchant Guild can lead to an explosive finish. Extra turns are premium.

Piazza + Crafters is a nice boost for the start of a Sleep Walking turn. A Procession chain could also help out, but that’s pretty volatile.  It could be difficult to play many Merchant Guilds.

Student fueling Crafters’ Guild makes Crusade attractive.  Druid -> Will-o-Wisps is also a nice shout.

Rainbow Bridge has itself, Student, Sorcerer, maybe Druid, and maybe Silver.  There are other unique options too, and there are always Ruins in a pinch.

Carnival might have a tough time. Procession removing a card from play might help, but that trick is only available once per turn.

Mapmaker is another draw without +Cards for Night Shift.

Merchant Guild is a much better coffer gainer than Insurance, and I’d probably pick up Silver just to shut down the extra turn; especially toward the end of the game.

Time Shift is spooky given the limited trashing and draw, and it makes Mapmaker’s reaction even more dangerous.  There’s still the worry of a player using it to end the game.

Runners-up (In order of submission)

Carnival: This ended up being too limited, and Rainbow Bridge nudges it out for the variety interaction.  It doesn’t work well with Durations where you have one from the previous turn and one you want to play this turn.  Strong kingdoms usually have at least one card you need to play a lot of.  Not being able to play duplicate Treasures is also sad in the weak kingdoms.

Sleep Walking: It was a fun puzzle, but it usually only sees Big Money play.  The wording for having Action plays require 2 Actions is also tricky.

Insurance:  You usually counter with Silver, in which case it probably just sits on the table.  Some extended playtesting could be really good here to balance the power.

Time Shift:  As I thought about this in context of specific kingdoms, I realized that most of the time you’re getting this on your last turn, or maybe on your second-to-last turn, when your opponent can’t win in the following turn(s).  Which isn’t too fun for the other player.

3rd Place: Night Shift by Augie279

The limitation is simple and understandable.  It will either be weak, or strong with ways to get around the limitation.  This is a pretty small sample of kingdoms, but the draw exceptions are more common than I originally expected.

2nd Place: Rainbow Bridge by JW

This was very close. I really like the variety mini-game. It being a Village is the perfect vanilla effect.  The Duration dilemma is difficult to resolve.  I’d probably just keep it as a non-Duration, but I wish there was more precedence among the Official cards.

Winner: Crusade by anordinaryman  A simple effect that really makes you think.  Aside from kingdoms with no extra Buys or Workshops, this will always be desirable, but how much do you get is the key question.  There were no wording or rules issues that I could see.  Also new players get an experience like they did with the card Thief in learning that Copper is a bad card, but Crusade has so much more to do once you figure out the Copper part.

I'll try to finish judging tomorrow, but for now here is the initial judgement and list of finalists.

Exploration/Conquistador by BryGuy

This one changed a few times over the course of the contest.  I liked the Way version that cost $5 and was by itself the most.  The split pile alongside the setup is too complex, and Conquistador doesn’t seem good here. So I’ll focus on Exploration (also heads up that Exploration is also the name of a Project).  I don’t think it’s necessary to mess with the starting hand size for this one.  I also don’t think the Villager is necessary, as in most games there will be non-terminal ways.  WotChameleon is a very special case because it lets you do all the normal things your actions could do, with $ and draw swapped, and with 6 set aside Ways it will be available in almost 1 out of 3 games.  All this makes me feel like you could lower the number of set aside Ways to 5 or maybe even 4.  So to summarize, I would try to simplify things and balance around your core idea of an extra turn using only Ways.

Carnival by fika monster

The Warlord wording is definitely necessary here. In isolation, it doesn’t seem as powerful as Voyage, even putting the +1 Action aside.  Although the low cost isn’t too relevant because this is bad in the opening.  It’s nice in kingdoms with a lot of variety, but even then, you would have to decide if you want to weaken your normal turns by avoiding too many duplicates.  Overall a pretty solid card. Finalist

Sleep Walking by Chappy77

I like this one quite a bit.  Engines are strong, so it’s nice to occasionally have cards that work well with Big Money to make you weigh that option against the rest of the kingdom.  You probably won’t want more than one copy, and you won’t draw it every turn, so it isn’t like it’s super busted or anything.  The engine play is a nice puzzle.  The wording is definitely tricky.  I was going to suggest handling the -1 Action like a reverse Champion, but that would nerf interactions with Throne Room and others, which is bad. $5 is a good cost. Finalist

Rainbow Bridge by JW

Another one I really like.  It’s a Magic Lamp for extra turns.  Like how Magic Lamp can always hit 6 uniques because it comes with Secret Cave, this one being a village means it’s also possible to meet the requirements in all reasonable kingdoms.  Of all the submissions, this one really doesn’t want to have to be a Duration.  It’s reasonable to want more than one copy of the village, especially if it’s the only one in the kingdom.  But if you activate the extra turn, all those villages are stuck in play, one is discarded at the end of the extra turn, and technically all the additional copies are stuck in play until the end of your next opponent’s turn.  The fix would be to add the old Outpost’s “If this is the first time you played a Rainbow Bridge this turn,” not to limit the extra turns, but to have the discards work well.  Or just not have it be a Duration, and well, Possession isn’t a Duration, although that’s the least of Possession’s worries. Finalist

Night Shift by Augie279

Very nice. The wording is simple, while the effect is still compelling.  The power level is comparable to Voyage, but this is a Night card, in its own pile, and works better with trashing; so $5 is appropriate.  This should also resolve quicker than a typical Voyage turn.  Then there’s the draw-to-x interaction.  That’s strong, but allowable, given how rare it is and the effort that usually goes into making draw-to-x engines.  A minor nitpick in the wording is that it shuts down an opponent's +Cards from things like Road Network.  A wording like this gets around that: “during which you ignore all +Cards.”  As a final note, I like the thematic connection to Werewolf being a Smithy by day and doing something else at night. Finalist

Survey Station by Builder_Roberts

I definitely agree that multiplayer lockout potential was bad, but the updated wording has its own issues.  If you play it and gain a Victory card on the same turn, you don’t get the extra turn until after your next turn.  Also, for all the official “next turn” cards, they do the thing right then, but with Survey Station it’s next time… no wait a little longer, which makes tracking extra tricky.  Lots of potential for missplays.  The cool thing here is that you can get 2 copies, where you can play the second copy on the extra turn.  I kind of think I like it better if it only triggered on opponents’ turns, which lets you remove the cost requirement, for simplicity and additional interactions.

Band of Thieves by segura

This one requires Gold as fuel for an unrestricted extra turn.  Usually Gold is a steep price.  The Gold gainers are rare and tricky enough that the combo with this is OK.  I don’t really care for trashing a Gold from the discard and especially from hand.  The comparison to Remodel only matters if gaining Provinces is the only useful thing you can do on your turns, but usually there are better things to do.  Other interactions aside, you still get the $3 from a played Gold, while the Remodel wouldn’t.  I do agree it needs something more.  Maybe have it cost less and let it trash some number of non-Duration treasure(s) from play, but only give the extra turn if a Gold was trashed.  Maybe give it some when-gain, even just “This is gained to your hand.”  There isn’t really a good reason for this to not be a Duration.

War Tax by grep

This does solve the Penultimate Province rule, but I think it creates other rules.  For instance, in a 2-player game once 4 Provinces are evenly split, Player 2 could buy this to take the Provinces pile to 3.  If Player 1 gets a Province, Player 2 can empty the 2 remaining Provinces for a tie, which is an acceptable outcome for Player 2.  Or Player 1 starts Duchy dancing a Province early, and nothing really changes.  So really this is just a strategy check on Player 2 (although maybe there’s some other strategy I’m missing, and I didn’t attempt a 3-player game strategy).  But in games with +Buy for double Province, or other useful things to do on your turns, this can be useful.  You’ll probably only buy it once in a game, so the one-shot event cost isn’t a problem.  Moving to the early game Estate trashing, I think that is a little too good.  Bonfire trashes Coppers, lowering your overall money density.  Trashing a single Estate also yields lower money density than a Silver gain, but not by much.  A better comparison is Scrounge, which also lets you trash an Estate for $3.  But if you do, your opponent can gain that Estate along with a $5, which is especially relevant with strong $5 trashers or junkers in absence of other trashing.  Without some gimmick like that, I’d want an Estate removal event to cost $4, comparable to Banish.

Insurance  by faust

This one is a neat puzzle. I especially like how Silver is the trigger; it’s not a bad card, but usually you want other things. The mini-game here gives most of the power to the opponent. They can gain a single Silver on their turn, turning your Insurance into a delayed Copper.  But that requires +Buy or you just keep buying Silver.  In a single buy kingdom, I’d even consider a bad Silver gainer like Bureaucrat; extra turns are that powerful, especially in the absence of +Buy.  Alternatively, you just get your own Insurance and then neither player is incentivized to get Silver.  You’ll need at least 2 copies of Insurance to have the effect constantly up. At that point, maybe one player gets even more insurance, and then gets Silver to stack up many Coffers while also disabling the opponent’s extra turn.  All that said, the price of Insurance seems a little too high, but didn’t I say extra turns are powerful, so it’s better to err on the side of caution. Finalist

Dejima by majiponi

First off, this one has the Golem issue, if you have something like Toil to play Golem, and some Action - Treasures for it to hit.  I would recommend a wording like “during which you can’t play Treasures from your hand.” The extra turn is either going to be useless or really powerful, depending on the kingdom.  The high cost seems geared toward the really powerful case, so the rest of the time Dejima probably just sits on the table.  I kind of want to make it into something like “Choose one: +$N; or …” and then balance the coins with the cost.  It would still need engine support, but then it would at least be playable in the absence of virtual money or something else to do.

Crusade by anordinaryman

Most extra turn effects come with some sort of drawback for the extra turn.  This one affects all of your turns for the rest of the game.  Topdecked Copper junking is the perfect self-drawback, and I’m surprised there are no official cards that use it.  The neat thing is that I can see it being useful in Big Money, Engines, and Slogs.  I agree with the cost.  At $2, it could be too easy for one player to gobble them all up, in games where that’s relevant.  The wording is good, and the effect is immediately understandable. Finalist

Enterprise by 4est

This one seems a little too good.  It definitely wants to cost $4 though, so it can fill the roll of early game Silver.  Maybe give the extra turn some downside.  Or maybe have it be a Woodcutter instead of a Silver.  This one should also have the Duration type, with wording to trash it at some later time.

Time Shift by NoMoreFun

Another puzzle to evaluate its power.  I would move the opponent’s +5 cards to the start, to make it clear that they get that now.  Being unaffected by Attacks during the extra turn means it will be difficult to follow this up with a Militia, though in some kingdoms it’s possible.  Attack shenanigans aside, in the early game, one 10 card turn is better than two 5 card turns, especially considering the first turn has to buy Time Shift.  But once both players can draw their whole deck each turn, the +5 Cards is negligible and the extra turn matters a lot.  Assuming +buys in the kingdom, after one player buys Time Shift, the next will likely be able to do so, continuing for the rest of the game, which is so thematic!  Then the person to Time Shift first stands to get the greatest benefit, but there still needs to be caution not to do it too soon, as it also helps the opponent reliably play their attack on their normal turn.  Maybe you even want to time things well enough to ensure you get the first Time Shift turn and the last.  I’m tempted to add +1 Buy to the event to see this happen in more games, but even in games without +1 Buy, maybe you buy this when you get bad luck and dud late-game. It might need “Once per turn” like Journey, but then again Deliver doesn’t have it. Finalist

Startup by Will(ow|iam)

I would avoid the Conspirator counting and instead look for Actions “in play.”  The wording for the first part also seemed odd, but it actually matches Baths.  Still, I think I would prefer something more common, like “When you gain an Action, if you have no Actions in play, …”  At first I was dismissive of the limitation, but I keep being reminded just how powerful an extra turn can be.  This being a $5 Project means you probably already have Actions in the deck when you buy it.  But maybe you just don’t play them and buy a cheap engine piece instead.  So it encourages an engine with decent treasure density, which is kind of uncommon and therefore a fun deck to play.  A 5/2 opening on this and some cheap but useful Action could be interesting.

Safe House by Gubump

This is the most complicated, rule-bending entry, in spite of having reasonable wording.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a really cool idea, but the more I dug into it, the more difficulties I found.

This definitely gets props for wanting multiple copies in your deck, unlike something like Outpost where each player usually only wants one copy.  The downside there is that all copies of Safe House after the first will stay in play after your extra turn, when they hit the “(but not a 3rd turn in a row)” check, so they would get discarded at the end of the next player’s turn.  A FAQ could point that out. Wording like “if this is the first time you played a Safe House this turn.” wouldn’t help here because then the other Safe Houses get discarded before the extra turn.

There are 3 main phases: Action, Buy, and Clean-up. This doesn’t play nice with Night, but a lot of other things don’t either.  For skipping the Action and Buy phases, the trickiest interactions are whether or not you still do start of turn stuff (I would say yes), and whether things like Villa take you back to your skipped Action phase. (I’d say no, but that one definitely needs a FAQ).  Otherwise, it’s as if you just clicked the End Actions / End Buys button in the online implementation.  Skipping Clean-up is the trickier one to wrap your mind around.  How I interpret that is that you don’t discard anything from play (much like Journey), but you also don’t discard your hand, and you don’t draw a new hand of 5 cards.  Some effects like Improve are unavailable.  I’m surprised that there aren’t a ton of cards that break with no Clean-up.  Encampment stays set-aside (forever, or until your next Clean-up, needs FAQ), but that also happens if you got the Encampment from Black Market.  It’s also kind of annoying that you need to track whether your Durations still have something to do, or if they are done.  Yes, that happens with Journey too, but at least finished Durations get discarded before the next player’s turn, while with this you have to keep track of everything during the other player’s turn(s).

OK, now let’s look at the 7 modes of extra-turn play:

  • Clean-up only: Usually pretty pointless.  Maybe you have Harbinger that likes having 5 cards in the discard.  You do get your Safe House discarded, so you don’t need an extra copy to play on your next normal turn.  There are also start of turn effects and things like Coastal Haven that could make it worthwhile.
  • Action only:  You can play your engine and even draw your whole deck, but with no Buy phase even virtual money is pointless, Black Market aside, and how many gainers can you reasonably have. Also, your engine pieces are stuck in play and you don’t draw a new hand.  You were probably better off just waiting for your next turn.  The one advantage this has is the extra turn’s +1 Action, which maybe lets you play a Smithy and have a hand of 7.  I’d rather have a Ghost Town though.
  • Buy only:  Play the Treasures you happen to have and buy something.  Might be nice to get rid of Coppers for a while, but with your better Treasures being stuck in play, using them here won’t help you to improve your next turn, things like Stockpile being the exception.
  • No Clean-up:  The most comparable to Journey, but remember you don’t draw a new hand, so keep some engine pieces for next turn, letting you draw what you gained on the extra turn to further improve your deck.  The greatest downside here is that your 2 Safe Houses are stuck in play for your next normal turn, so you need 2 more copies to get an extra turn then, and at that point you might as well just play 3 Safe Houses at once.
  • No Action: Usually more limited than Night Shift, Figurine or Duration draw aside.
  • No Buy: Much more limited than Dejima.
  • All 3 phases:  Again, Night is left out, but otherwise this is an ordinary turn.  Remember that it required $9 and 3 Buys (or 3 Workshop plays), and you had to draw 3 stop-cards together (compare to Treasure Map, which is only 2).  But you wouldn’t go for this if you weren’t drawing your whole deck right? ::Anakin stare:: Right??

Maybe I’m missing something, but aside from the rare combos, the downsides of those limited extra turns are way too much, so only the Safe House x3 play is worth it.  So I’d rather this just be “You may discard 2 Safe Houses, revealed.  If you did…”  Yes I know this is different with King’s Court, but not everything has to combo with King’s Court, and it makes things so much more simple.  The cost (in terms of card price and deck control) is still probably too high.  Maybe make it cost $2 or give it a when-gain or Overpay.

Trek by kru5h

A lot like the Night Shift entry.  Village becomes comparable to Necropolis.  Smithy becomes comparable to Moat. Laboratory becomes worse than Old Map.  So in your run-of-the mill engines, you’re not actually increasing hand-size.  Draw-to-x is still the exception here, which is fine.  And that’s just the Actions.  Treasures also require a discard.  So most of the time you’re only playing 3 Treasures, making it comparable to Voyage, but you can mill through your engine pieces.  It ends up being a close call, but I fear all the discard decisions might slow down the turn a lot, so Night Shift edges this out just barely.

Rules Questions / Re: Errata to extra turns
« on: October 23, 2023, 10:28:02 am »
The player to your left takes an extra turn after this one (but not a 2nd extra turn in a row), in which you can see all cards they can and make all decisions for them. Any cards or debt they would gain on that turn, you gain instead; any cards of theirs that are trashed are set aside and put in their discard pile at end of turn.

Will Possession get the Duration type to match Outpost and Voyage?  Kind of like how Prince eventually got the Duration type.

24 hour warning

Please check that your entry is listed in the OP.

Contest is closed

I’ll get judging done over the next couple of days.

Damn I had an idea but then I figured out that same effect is realized more easily by skipping turns rather than adding them, so now it doesn't qualify :(

Actually it may have not qualified anyway since it'd give the extra turn to other players

I had also thought through that scenario and decided giving extra turns to other players, even ones benefiting them would qualify for the contest. But as I thought through specific cards, I also came to the conclusion that skipping your next turn would probably be better alternative, if only to distribute the turns more fairly in games with 3 or more players when the first opponent can end the game in their second turn.  Maybe someone can come up with a way to make it work though.

So you don't have to make a card that limits the number of turns, right? That is, if I'm reading the rules correctly.

Keep in mind that the errata now limits Voyage to 1 use per normal turn.  I don’t think the change has a lot to do with the power level adjustment, but instead it’s to stop a player from being able to take many, many turns in a row; even turns as limited as Voyage.  Sure there are only 4 Voyages, but things like Kings Court and Royal Carriage exist.

What's the goal?
DXV has gotten sick of being able to take 3+ turns in a row, every single turn, for the whole game. Fleet and Seize the Day are only once a game, which is why they're safe.

So your card should probably include some limitation on the number of turns that can be taken in a row: either “(but not a 3rd turn in a row),” like most of the extra turn cards after the errata; or a once per game effect, like Fleet or Seize the Day.

You’re welcome to make a card without those limits, or possibly with some other limitation, but it’s definitely risky.

Weekly Design Contest #202: Extra! Read all about it!

In case you hadn’t heard, there is an upcoming errata to effects that let you take an extra turn.  The main goal is to limit the number of turns a player can take in a row, especially if the kingdom contains multiple ways to take an extra turn.  The wording has also changed.  For example, here is the updated wording for Outpost:

You only draw 3 cards for your next hand.  Take an extra turn after this one (but not a 3rd turn in a row).

So for this contest, your job is to design something* that lets the player take an Extra turn.  Official cards that meet the criteria for the contest are Outpost, Possession, the Odysseys (Voyage), Fleet, Island Folk, Journey, Mission, and Seize the Day.

Contest Guidelines
  • *Anything goes, including kingdom cards, landscapes, non-Supply cards, and all mechanics up to and including Plunder.
  • Many entries will probably need to include some form of “(but not a 3rd turn in a row),” but note that Fleet and Seize the Day remain unchanged, so once-a-game extra turns are safe.

Judgment Details:
  • The contest will close roughly one week from today.
  • I will judge the entries based on balance, wording, simplicity, creativity, and how fun the entry is to play with, with most emphasis on the extra turn effect.


Thanks for the great contest and the win.  I’ll get the next contest up later today, but as a sneak peak, it will have something to do with the card Rats.

Edit:  Actually, I changed my mind.  There’s a new errata coming, so let’s do a contest for that.

It should have an "or reveals their hand" honesty check clause if they cannot discard a Collateral. Unfortunately, that adds a lot of words.
Ahh, does "if possible" not do enough here? With "or reveals a hand with no Collateral" in the FAQ?

Villain uses “(or reveals they can't).”  There aren’t any official cards that use “if possible.”


Pied Piper
$4 - Action

+2 Cards

You may play an Action costing $2 or $3 from your hand. If you don’t, +1 Buy.
Setup: Add an extra Action Kingdom pile costing $2 or $3 to the Supply.

First the Piper lures the Mice into the kingdom. The buy helps get them into your deck; the draw helps get them into your hand.  And finally, the Piper puts them into play.


Pay the ratcatcher or he'll bring the rats right back! Thought it could be interesting to have a card where the extra card isn't directly tied to it, but just adds a little extra for the card to do, in this case guaranteeing an extra choice of a card you can gain with it.

FYI there is already an official card named Ratcatcher.  Also, heads up that I had separately came up with a card “Pied Piper” with a similar theme but a very different effect.  I’m waiting for some time to mock up a card image.

Disjointed City
$5 - Action Looter

+1 Card
+1 Action

Play each differently named Ruins from the Supply, leaving them there.
In games using this, when a non-Ruins Supply pile empties, put a Ruins from the Ruins pile in that pile.

Good if Ruined Library is on top, but invest too heavily in it, and an opponent can turn your Labs into, say, expensive Market Squares.  Once a pile empties, the Disjointed City might get an additional effect.  Except the piles don’t actually empty, meaning that the game can’t end until the Ruins pile is empty.


Divination - $2

+1 Buy
At the end of this turn, flip your deck upside down.

- yes, all cards are now face-up. You can always see the top card.
- when you shuffle the next time, the deck will be put back face down again

I like this a lot!  Some other rules clarifications:  If I buy Divination and the next turn I gain an Inn, do I:
  • Keep my current deck face-up and shuffle in the Inn and other Actions face-down?
  • shuffle all the cards face-down?
  • shuffle all the cards face-up?


Impoverished Village
$3 - Action

+1 Cards
+2 Actions
+2 Buys
In games using this, at the end of your Buy phase, if you have at least 2 unused Buys or Actions, gain a Copper.

You get the Copper if you have two or more unused Buys, two or more unused Actions, or 1 unused Action and 1 unused Buy.  The top would be strictly better than Village, but it always has to live in a world with the bottom. Even if both Village and Impoverished Village are in the same kingdom, there are reasons to get one, the other, or a mix of both.

There's always a chance that it just kills at least one of the piles because you don't want to be using a terminal action to play it.

As worded with “choose 2 random supply piles,” it could effect basic Supply piles like Province or Silver, which I’m not sure is intended.  Maybe setup like Young Witch would work:

Setup: Add 2 extra Kingdom card piles costing $3 or more to the Supply. Their cards cost $3 less and P more.


It should probably have a non-Duration clause, or use Improve’s "a card you would discard from play this turn"


Who? Who played a card costing $2? The Owl usually only draws at Night (and can help set up your next turn), but if you're clever, you can awaken it at other times too.

I like this a lot.  I was going to make a comment about how it compares favorably to Night Watchman. But even setting aside Owl’s reaction and NW’s gain-and-play, any unplayable cards in your hand count toward Owl’s 6 cards, putting it in a good spot I think.


Weeping Willow
$4 - Action

+1 Buy

At the end of your Buy phase this turn, if you have at least 2 unused Buys, set this aside and put it in your hand at end of turn. Otherwise, gain a Will-o’-Wisp.

Of course the tree has to be a Woodcutter variant. Originally it cost $5 and was a Curser when you had 1 unused buy, but it’s simpler and better at without the attack.


$2P - Action - Liaison

+3 Cards

You may trash a Potion from your hand for +1 Card and +4 Favors.

Action - Liaison

+2 Cards
+1 Buy

Choose one: Exile a card from your hand or +1 Favor per card type you have in Exile.
I think that this is far too strong. Also 4 jobs are too much for a card, often 3 are already dubious.

For a concrete example, compare Underwriter to Maroon which is already a very strong $4.

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