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Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Card Fusions
« on: February 28, 2023, 07:32:37 am »

I tried to do a cantrip something, but I couldn't get it to feel very satisfactory. So here we are. Somehow there's +Buy out of nowhere -- look. They can't all be the worst card ever.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Card Fusions
« on: February 21, 2023, 04:48:40 am »

Hard to get simpler than this. Tried messing around with the top of deck for a bit, but it was tough for me to find something satisfactory that wasn't a million lines.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Card Fusions
« on: February 16, 2023, 02:23:51 am »

I'm not going to pretend I have any idea what this card is. It's a weird mess. Hope you are at least better at counting than I am.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Card Fusions
« on: February 12, 2023, 05:41:35 pm »

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Card Fusions
« on: February 12, 2023, 01:46:51 am »

Reaction inspired by X-tra's Informant, and similar to some other cards already posted to this thread. Coffers stronk and scary.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Card Fusions
« on: February 07, 2023, 12:41:31 am »
I have nightmares of cards stuck in reveal-land with extended Action chains with Fortune Hunter's wording, so I'd prefer if the discard came before the play. But the wording is a lot better if we make discard come after play, this is true.

(Fortune Hunter can get away with it imo because Treasures usually don't do too many crazy things with the deck and etc. But in an ideal world, I'd be able to come up with a good wording for Fortune Hunter that also puts back before playing.)

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Card Fusions
« on: February 06, 2023, 11:19:25 pm »
I don't think it's very ambiguous, because of my intuition that cards don't leave cards stranded. Do you have a suggested wording to make it more clear?

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Card Fusions
« on: February 06, 2023, 08:27:34 pm »

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #156: When Gain
« on: June 28, 2022, 04:33:12 pm »
County (Victory, $6)


When you gain this, trash your hand.

I am very glad Ambassador doesn't exist anymore...
(Swindler and Messenger -- super edge case -- can still force someone to gain County; that may be something you want to address if you find it problematic enough)


Northern Nomads

+3 Cards
+1 Action

You may discard a Snow
to return Ice Settlement.
If you don't, discard 2 cards.
Origin: Ice Settlement

Ice Settlement

The first time you gain an Action
on each of your turns, gain a Snow.
When you play a Snow, + and gain a Silver.

Snow, is it really all that hyped up, why does my hometown love its snow so much. It's time to move out and do bigger and better things.
Some games it's fine to keep Ice Settlement around. Other times, it might be a bit of help early. Snow is disappearing Lucky Coins. But at some point, the Snow starts piling up. With the help of Northern Nomads, you can leave town and trudge florstward.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #156: When Gain
« on: June 27, 2022, 02:32:22 am »

When you gain this, trash a
card from your hand. If it's
an Action, gain a Duchy.

I know this isn't exactly a Hinterlands 2e prompt, but this is my fixed Farmland. It doesn't do some cute things that Farmland can do, but it has no problems with being on-gain, and it is worth enough VP to be a competitive alt-VP source. Just make sure you have something you're willing to let go of (bury); the trashing is mandatory just like Farmland!

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Inspired by Flavor Text
« on: May 24, 2022, 11:10:23 pm »
Quote from: Donald X. Vaccarino
The guilds cover everything - ironic tilling, butchering, baking, candlestick making, shoemaking, cheesemaking, cheese destruction.
- Dominion: Guilds

④ Action - Duration
Now and at the start of each
of your turns, you may set
aside a Treasure from your
hand face up. If you don't,
discard a Treasure set aside
by this to gain a Gold.
Cheese Destroyer
③ Action - Duration
Trash a card from your
hand. Gain a Silver per ①
it costs, setting them aside.
At the start of each of your
turns while any remain,
discard one of them for +①.

We got a shoemaker at some point, but we're still missing the last two. Something tells me we're not going to get a card called Cheese Destroyer. Rats is close, but.
Anyways Cheesemaker I guess ferments Coppers into Gold (it's yellow)? Look I don't have so much to work with here okay. And then Cheese Destroyer, well, I decided to whip up something quick cause why not, but it's not really that special with Gold other than Gold is expensive. If I think of something better I'll update it. The Alchemist has a card (Aqua Regia from Alchemy: Reforged that cares about trashing Golds, it might be able to be reflavored as Cheese Destroyer.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Inspired by Flavor Text
« on: May 20, 2022, 12:54:26 am »
Quote from: Donald X. Vaccarino
Your physician heals himself, and your barber cuts his own hair. This is truly a golden age.
  - Dominion: Renaissance

What else to do than a trasher that trashes itself. Like Doctor, this doesn't trash from your hand by default. You get some search space depending on how far you are into the shuffle. If for some reason those remaining junk cards seem to be stuck in your hand, Physician's got you covered too.

Way of the Crow
Feedback is appreciated.
The current wording makes no sense design-wise because when you play as a Way, you don't follow the instructions on the card. So if you play a card with Way of the Crow, and then play the card again using Crow's instructions, you only got to do the instructions on the card once, but you discard a card and receive a Hex on top of it.

I'm assuming you want a player to follow the instructions of a card twice with the penalty of discarding a card and receiving a Hex. I'd word that as something like: "Follow this card's instructions twice. Then, discard a card and recieve a Hex." (If Crow allows the card to play itself twice, you can play Bridge, following its instructions, an unlimited amount of times with Crow and that's not something we like to see.)

Weekly Design Contest / Re: WDC 151: Now or Later
« on: May 08, 2022, 05:41:19 pm »
Action/Duration - $3
Now, at the start of your next turn, or both (you must decide now), discard 2 cards for +$3

Edit: Changed the card from trashing to discarding

To avoid the mess of having to ask about how the "for" thing works, I'd just say "+③ and discard 2 cards," similar to how Galaxi interpreted it before. Just have both things happen no matter what. Yes, then you'd be able to get +③ even if you discard 1 or 0 cards, but I don't think that's much of a problem.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #150: Half!
« on: April 25, 2022, 10:12:11 pm »
What is a Fish? How do I know how many Fish are in my deck? I have so many questions. Also blah blah blah accounting, what if I have a Fish in my hand but don't want to play it, Dominion usually accounts for this by either forcing you to reveal you don't have a Fish in hand to play, or by just making the playing optional.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #150: Half!
« on: April 25, 2022, 08:33:27 pm »

+1 Card
+1 Action
If you have an even number of
Pigs in play, +①.
When you gain this or trash it
from hand, gain another Pigs
(it doesn't come with another).

The pile of Pigs is 20 cards. You get two half-Peddlers, and all the food you could ever want for things that like to eat trash Actions, or just cards costing a non-minor amount, or just cards in general. Ham's on the menu!

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #150: Half!
« on: April 25, 2022, 07:43:49 pm »
Feedback is appreciated.

This has potential to give a monstrous amount of +Buys and also scales with the number of players. Many things that care about counting things in the trash face the problem of the trash just having more stuff in it the more players are added. Now it's kinda cute that if people choose to take money, they won't be increasing the amount of cards in the trash, but other trashers will keep trashing of course.

I would try to deal with the 1) player scaling and 2) +Buy flood this gives. +Buy flood doesn't sound necessarily like bad design, but it's something that Donald X. doesn't like for reasons I don't remember. I'll say that pileouts by buying huge stacks of 0-cost cards isn't really a direction I want to go (this is still something that happens in real games, but, not to as much of an extent this can enable).


Band of Laborers
Discard 2 cards. Choose one:
+2 Cards; or play the set-
aside card, leaving it there.
Setup: set aside an unused
Action costing or .

These experienced folks are great at making a pretty penny. They've picked up a variety of skills from their travels. Sometimes when you've got a missing role to fill when making your little event, you tell them, hey can you guys do that thing for me. And they sing you a song, nail you some hammers, watch you some towers. It was a better idea to just go find that silly fellow with the lute. Maybe next time.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #133: A Time to Feast
« on: November 05, 2021, 03:32:41 am »

Master Merchant
④ Action - Duration
Set aside a card from your
hand (on this). At the start of
each of your turns while this
has a card set aside, put it
into your hand, and gain a
card costing exactly ①
more than it, setting it aside.

Trade your way up the ladder! Each copy of this will likely stay in play for several turns, so you might find that trying to gain exactly that thing you want in the end gets to go a bit slowly. Hunting for good deals takes work!

Alrighty! Itís judgment time!
Iím going to have each of your card texts and then my feedback. If the card text differs, please take it as my suggestion on wording.

Gubump: Collector
⑥ Action - Attack
+1 Villager
+1 Coffers

Gain a Horse.
Each other player may remove
a token from their Coffers or
Villagers, or discard a Horse. If
they donít, they gain a Curse.

Itís a super Baker* on-play, and the attack is pretty rough (the Coffers attack is the least painful imo, but itís still a hit). Iím worried that Iíll spike ⑥, get a stockpile of Coffers or something, and then just start handing out Curses to other players, making it harder for themselves to hit ⑥ to even get started on Attacking. In my opinion, itís a bit too snowbally. Oh wait, lots of Attacks are like that. Well... I canít fault you too much for it.

JW: Forest Witch
⑤ Action - Attack

+1 Villager
+1 Buy

Remove a Coin token from the
Forest Witch pile. If you canít,
each other player gains a Curse.
Setup: Put 3 Coin tokens per
player on the Forest Witch pile.

Uses coin tokens in a cute way. The vanilla portion is pretty nice to have, which is good, or else this thing wouldnít be gotten much. The delayed aspect of the Cursing makes it significantly less painful, and also since the top half of the card is payload, it probably wonít be prioritized early anyways (though right, the Villager is nice). I like it. I wish there were a way to word it nicely and have the text fit better.

NoMoreFun: Hostile Village
⑤ Action - Attack
+1 Card
+2 Actions

The next time you play a
card this turn, each other
player with 5 or more cards in
hand discards  a copy of it
(or reveals they canít).

Targeted attacks!! Well, the top is just a Village. But boy oh boy, killing turns? mwahaha. If Hostile Village is the only Village on board, well, I sure hope thereís also some non-terminal draw around (so I donít have to have this in hand to kick off my turn). I think this attack is pretty brutal. If the Attack misses, you get to see their hand and maybe plan something more nefarious with another Hostile Village. I donít think itís necessarily bad design, but Iím scared of it.

faust: Raiding Village
④ Action - Attack
+1 Card
+2 Actions

Each other player discards
down to 3 cards in hand and
gains a Horse.

More Villages! I think this gives out too many Horses. For example, if 10 of these (distributed across the players, assumedly) are played in a single shuffle in a 4-player game, thatís 30 Horses distributed out. Thatís an extreme case, but yeah. Iíd only give a Horse to players who discarded any cards. Yes I know that gets rid of the whole thing with this turning terrible after too many plays, and maybe it ends up too powerful. But I mean Horses are good.

xyz123: Guard
⑤ Action - Attack
+1 Card
+1 Action

Each other player draws until
they have 5 cards in hand and
then discards down to 3.

This was discussed in the thread with the Throne variant, but even as this, I think the amount of drawing is way too much. Someone compared it to Margrave, and I think even that oneís annoying. This is a cantrip, so it can just happen whenever through your turn, and then everyone else has to draw and think about more cards. Worst case (which I fear will be much too common) is that someone has to shuffle in the middle of your turn. Multiple times. I hate Minion. Iím not sure how to salvage this idea, but I think this attack probably canít go on a non-terminal card, especially not a cantrip like this one.

majiponi: Interest
⑤ Treasure - Attack

Each other player reveals the
top 2 cards of their deck, trashes
a revealed Treasure, and discards
the rest. You may gain a trashed
Treasure. If you did, play it.

This card on the board will make me loath to use Treasures as primary payload. Oh wait, Interest is also a Treasure. I donít like it. If the board demands use of Treasures, this just destroys things, and then they destroy each other and chain, much to the dismay of whoever has the ill fortune to have their Interest trashed and used against them. The good thing is that thereís a lot more payload than Treasures these days.

spineflu: Pearl
⑤ Treasure - Attack - Doom

If you have an odd number of Pearls
in play, +1 Buy. Otherwise, choose
a face up Hex, turning it face down
for the turn. Each other player
receives the Hex you chose.
Setup: Set aside the Famine, Fear, and
Haunting Hexes, face up.

Well, this looks similar to Idol. It also looks similar to Relic. I expect the regular order of the Hexes will go Haunting, Fear, and Famine. The thing is, going through all that would require uh a lot of Pearls to be played. (Yes maybe youíll play it for Famine if other players already Haunting/Feared some other players). Though the usage of Hexes this way is cute, I think there must be a way to cut down on the complexity/text length. I also dearly hope that Famine wonít be played too much, because that would be a lot of shuffling.

segura: Priestess
③P Action - Attack - Fate - Doom
+1 Card
+1 Action

If you have an odd number of
cards in play, receive a Boon.
Otherwise, each other player
receives the next Hex.

Potion cost! Iíll give you some credit for slowing down the acquisition of this by making this cost Potion, but I think this card canít exist. Cantrip Booning and Hexing means that there will potentially be a lot of Boons and Hexes thrown about. Well besides for the fact that itís probably just skippable unless I already have Potion around, or I really need to attack my opponents. The thing about cantrip Boon is that I donít know what Iím going to get (and if I want it for a specific Boon, well thatís not happening very often.) So if I get this, I feel like Iím more looking for some random Hexing.

X-tra: Sickos
⑤ Action - Attack
+1 Action

Discard a card.
Gain a Silver to your hand.
Each other player gains a Curse.

Unconditional Cursing, here we go! This is a simple card. It just slows down everyoneís decks. The Silver is probably good if weíre just slogging it out. I think it snowballs less quickly than most cards of this kind, mainly because it slows down your deck as well. I like its simplicity.

Aquila: Appanage
⑤ Treasure - Attack

Gold costs ① less this turn.
Each other player with 5 or more cards
in hand discards a Treasure costing
less than this (or reveals they canít).

The attack is cute, but it probably hits Copper most of the time. I probably want this card when I just want a deck full of Treasures. Most of the time, Iím not worried about this Attack much at all. I feel like thereís something interesting going on here, but it doesnít seem to be coming together as an exciting card to me.

AJL828: Djinn
⑤ Action - Duration - Attack
+1 Card
+1 Action

At the start of your next turn,
+1 Card. Until then, when another
player buys a card they have a
copy of in play, they gain a Curse.

Caravan woo! I donít know how to evaluate this card. Caravan that Curses sounds pretty strong for ⑤; of course this has a condition. This seems stronger than Swamp Hag at first glance, mainly because itís draw too. And so I feel like itíll just force Curses down peopleís throats. I mean thatís what a Curser does, so...

Timinou: Philanthropist / Benefaction
④ Action - Attack
+1 Card
+1 Action

Each player gains a Copper to
their hand. At the start of
Clean-up, you may trash this
to gain a card costing up to ①
per Copper you have in play.

⑤ Treasure

At the start of Clean-up,
trash up to 2 Coppers
you have in play.

Philanthropist seems like a strong-ish card to me, but I canít tell. Copper to hand is a funny thing. Well first of all, this junks everyone. Second of all, this gives people free money, which could be important for hitting some important price points. Okay they have to live with or get rid of an additional Copper. Depending on the board, well, yeah, thatís pretty harsh. But donít forget you also have to junk yourself, soÖ

Well hey, would you look at it, thereís Copper trashing with Benefaction! Unsure how often it will get uncovered, but Philanthropist conveniently has a thing that trashes itself, so it promotes getting more, potentially. And like dude if weíre drawing somehow, this thing can gain Provinces or Colonies. Probably will pop it before drawing deck though. I donít know how to evaluate this pile. But it looks well thought out! Props!

emtzalex: Huckster Village
⑤ Action - Attack
+2 Actions

Each other player may reveal a
Copper from their hand. If they
donít, they discard a card and
gain a Copper to their hand.
If any player gained a Copper,
+➁. Otherwise, +1 Card.

Huckster Village is a funny one. I feel like the junking attack really wonít occur very often until late when it might even help the opponent, unless we have very strong trashing. And then, well, it gives Coppers. Which makes it easier for the Attack to be blocked. My hunch is that itís a weak card, but hey, it does Village things. I wonder if it could be fine at ④. Like, if you get it early, itís just a Vanillage, basically, anyways.

4est: Prisoner
⑤ Night - Duration - Attack

You may set aside an Action
or Treasure from your hand
face up (on this). At the start
of your next turn, play it.
Until then, when another
player plays a copy of it,
they first discard a card.

Scary scary. The penalty that this brings for cards that you want to play a lot of is pretty big. Well itís kind of hilarious with DtX. But otherwise, man this can just destroy turns, especially if multiple people are using Prisoner. That being said, Prisonerís effect of delaying an Action or Treasure seems like a pretty weak non-Attack effect. You also have to forgo playing an Action that you presumably wanted to play. Delaying Coppers sounds scary when people havenít gotten nice deck control yet. Like NoMoreFunís Hostile Village, my reaction is that I donít think itís necessarily forbidden Attack territory (given the conditionality of the discard Attack), but Iím very scared of it.

Gardoomalion: Witchís Hat
⑤ Action - Attack - Looter
+1 Card

You may play an Action card
from your hand. Each other
player gains, if the card you
played costÖ
from ⓪ to ➁: a Curse.
from +➁ to ④: a Ruins.
⑤+: a Ruins to their hand.

Cantrip junker! I think itís cute that it gives out cheap Actions that can be used to Curse players. Not that Iíd want to spend the Action on playing a Ruins, usually. The fact that it needs to play an Action to junk makes it a bit more possible to exist in my opinion. Iím not enthused that this can distribute 2 piles of junk cards, though.

Xen3k: Kudzu
③ Action - Attack
+1 Action

Return this to the Supply.
Take your -① token. If you did, each
other player removes a token from
their Coffers. If they canít, they gain a Kudzu.
In games using this, when you buy a card,
you may pay for +1 Coffers.
If you donít, gain a Kudzu.

This has got to be the funkiest entry this week.
It seems to slow down games significantly. Well, Coffers are good though! The existence of this will probably help with spiking. However, without proper care, youíll get grown over by not overpaying and getting junked by others. the -① token means that itíll get pretty tough to overpay for things afterwards, which is concerning. It could keep spiraling towards sadness. Iím glad there are only 10 of these now. Props for originality. It is a really weird card.

pubby: Charity House
③ Action - Attack
+1 Action

You may discard a Treasure
for +2 Cards.
Each other player may reveal
a hand with a total cost in
of or less. If they donít,
they discard a card.

I think the non-Attack effect is decent. Of course, if something tragic like Stables happens, youíre out of luck. I expect that the Attack will start doing something around turn 7 or something. It seems like it can get pretty harsh. 2-card hands do not seem too out of the picture. I wonder if that means this might want to be bumped up to ④ or something at least. Though again, the attack doesnít work early on, so that price difference doesnít really matter that much.

The card is definitely flavorful. It might start getting annoying in multiplayer, where youíre more likely to be attacked more often. Actually, a hand that hits Province with basic Treasures will be destroyed. So money probably takes a big hit with this card around, though it takes a big hit with many cards.

mandioca: Pendant
⑤ Treasure - Attack

+1 Buy

Each other player takes Thwarted.

State: Thwarted
At the start of your turn, return this, and you may
discard a non-Victory card costing or more.
If you donít, trash a card from your hand.

I am getting tired. Sorry, itís been a long week.
I feel like Thwarted is probably not going to be strong often. Later on, it trips on Provinces/Duchies. Earlier on, it helps trash. In the middle, it has the most potential, but I think odds are, thereís still stuff I might want to trash. And then itís just me discarding a Silver or a Gold or something. That being said, hey, who doesnít like +Buy.

grep: Inquisition
⑤ Action - Attack
+2 Cards

Each other player with 4 or more
cards in hand discards a card.
The player to your left names a
card. You may play an Action card
from your hand other than the
named card.

The Advisor-esque disabling is kind of cute. This definitely needs a bit of support to work as non-terminal draw. I expect the Attack to more or less turn into Militia, but not doing that immediately (unless you get attacked by two opponents early) is nice. Itís probably well-priced and well-balanced.

fika monster: Pissprophet
⑤ Action - Attack
+2 Cards
+1 Action

Every player gains a
Copper to their hand.

This Attack is pretty annoying with discard attacks. Otherwise, hey, itís draw, and hey it throws Copper all over the place. I would expect that this is weaker than Laboratory; could be wrong. Iím not too concerned about everyone having a deck full of brown, but maybe I should be. Copper isnít the worst thing for someone to have you gain to hand. Like I said earlier, it can help with price points and such, and even just having a larger hand size can help with things. The junking with Copper might be a net negative for the player of Pissprophet, considering everyone gets junked. But this is still non-terminal draw, one of the best types of non-terminal cards to put in a deck. So itís probably not so weak.

alion8me: Magister
⑤ Night - Duration - Attack

At the start of your next turn,
+1 Card and +①.
Until then, after the first time
another player plays a
non-Duration card on their turn
costing or more that they
already have a copy of in play,
they trash it.

Trashing attack! The way this Attack is timed, itís likely you trash a non-terminal Action or a Village. Which is a pretty tough choice unless you have some dummy non-terminal Actions (preferably cheap cantrips) in your deck that you can count on farming. If the Attack doesnít go anywhere, this card looks very sad, on par with Caravan Guard. I think most of the time, the Attack will be something significant though. I think itís a fine design. Iím glad that it doesnít stack.

The Alchemist: Abductors
④ Action - Attack
+2 Actions

Each other player with 4 or
more cards in hand either
discards a card, or takes their
-1 Action token, their choice.
(They may pick an option
they canít do.)

Necropolis? T_T I think the option besides for the -1 Action token has been toned down too much. Iíd expect to just discard to 3 cards in hand most of the time; itís less likely to kill my turn. Well if I have no Actions, Iím happy to take the -1 Action token. So that option just makes the Attack pretty weak in my opinion. And then well the bonus is so sad. Like others have said, the -1 Action token is a real toughie to make work imo. Iíd love to see a card that uses it that I can say ďYes, this is the one!Ē to, but I donít have high hopes for finding that card.

lompeluiten: Hooligans
③ Action - Attack
+1 Card
+1 Action
Each other player reveals their
hand, discards a card with
the highest cost in out of
the revealed cards, and then
draws a card.
If a card costing or more is
discarded this way, +①.

Itís a cantrip Attack that likely turns into a Peddler later on. I feel like it makes a bit more sense for it to Peddler when itís discarding cheap cards. In that case, it might only activate in the beginning of the game, though.
I think the Attack is brutal/swingy without deck control. That includes the beginning of the game. If it skips over an important trasher, it will just slow the opponent down so much. I donít like that.

mathdude: Warlock
⑤ Action - Attack

If you have no other Warlocks in
play, +1 Card and +2 Actions,
and each other player reveals the
top card of their deck and discards
it or puts it back, your choice.
Otherwise, +3 Cards, and each
other player gains a Curse.

This is a curious one. Of course +3 Cards and Curse is crazy strong. But buying a Village for ⑤ isnít really something youíd want to do. Oh right thereís the Spy attack. I donít like that. I would have liked this card without the Spy attack, but unfortunately that wouldnít really fit the criteria of this weekís prompt. The good thing is that the Spy attack will only happen once per turn (usually). Maybe Iím fine with it then, to be honest. The delayed Cursing is nice in my opinion (because itís slightly less snowbally). This seems to be a common trait in the Cursers that I like from this week.

JWís Forest Witch
X-traís Sickos
Xen3kís Kudzu
grepís Inquisition
mathdudeís Warlock

Winner: Timinou's Philanthropist / Benefaction

Submissions are closed! Expect results within 6 hours.

Alright, I didn't realize that it's been a week already. Sorry for the wait, everyone! I promised there would be 24 hours after the 24-hour warning.

You have 24 hours left!

If you would like to edit your submission, please include an edit: label so I can easily find the changes.

3 new submissions so far:
grep: Inquisition ⑤ (conditionally non-terminal draw; discards 1 card for players with 4 or more cards in hand)
fika monster: Pissprophet ⑤ (non-terminal draw; gives everyone Copper to hand)
alion8me: Magister ⑤ (Night-Duration delayed Peddler; until then, trashes the first card each other player plays that they have a copy of in play)

This brings the total to 21 submissions.

It's around the halfway mark into the week! I made a list of the currently submitted cards. I hope I got the descriptions accurate; this is how I'm interpreting the cards. If I got anything wrong, be it names or costs or card effects, or if I missed someone, please let me know via message or something.

Keep it up with the designing! I'll make another post like this a little bit before the deadline.

18 submissions:
Gubump: Collector ⑥ (gives all 3 vanilla bonus token-cards, removes one from everyone else or Curses them)
JW: Forest Witch ⑤ (Patron +Buy, gives Curses after itís played enough times this game)
NoMoreFun: Hostile Village ⑤ (Village that targeted-discard-attacks a copy of the next card you play)
faust: Raiding Village ④ (Village+Militia attack+they gain a Horse)
xyz123: Guard ⑤ (Peddler that has everyone else draw to 5 and discard to 3)
majiponi: Interest ⑤ (Silver+ Knight attack for Treasures (their choice) + may gain/play a trashed Treasure)
spineflu: Pearl ⑤ (Silver+ flip flops between +Buy and Hex you choose from Famine, Fear, Haunting; only one copy of Hex per turn)
segura: Priestess ③P (Cantrip that gives Boon on odd (any) cards-in-play and Hex otherwise)
X-tra: Sickos ⑤ (Non-terminal stop, replaces a card in hand (discarded) with Silver (gained), Curses)
Aquila: Appanage ⑤ (Silver+ Gold cost-reduction; target-discards a single* Treasure costing less than Appanage)
AJL828: Djinn ⑤ (Caravan, until then Curses on other players buying a copy of a card they have in play)
Timinou: Philanthropist ③ / Benefaction ⑤ (Cantrip, gives Copper to everyone's hands; Cleanup ability one-shot to gain a card costing up to ① per Copper you have in play) / (Silver+ Cleanup ability trashes up to 2 Coppers from play)
emtzalex: Huckster Village ⑤ (Village that turns Conclave* if an opponent replaces card in hand (discarded) with Copper (gained); junking prevented by revealing Copper)
4est: Prisoner ⑤ (Night card that delays Action or Treasure from hand; until then discard-1 attacks anyone else who plays a copy)
Gardoomalion: Witchís Hat ⑤ (Cantrip that junks based off of the cost of the card it plays: the cheaper, the harsher*)
Xen3k: Kudzu ③ (Non-terminal one-shot stop that gives the player -① token, and whittles othersí Coffers or spreads copies of itself; itís a penalty gained for not overpaying ① for +1 Coffers when buying a card)
pubby: Charity House ③ (Cantrip* that sifts Treasures; discard attacks players with >⑩ card cost total in hand)
mandioca: Pendant ⑤ (Silver+ Buy; gives others State that at start of turn may discard a non-Victory card costing >③; or trash a card from hand)

Are non-Supply cards allowed?

Anything goes! As long as it includes a non-terminal Attack.

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