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Oh, I did. Brain fart. Didn't feel like I bought any. Good catch.

Looking at this Kingdom I didn't see this until I did it, and Smugglers isn't usually something I go for but it was very useful here. Two highways make Provinces imminently smugglable, and Forge lets me turn actions late-game into another one, and also to end the game. I'd originally intended to play something more conventional, but I rolled with the Smugglers and it ended up being even more interesting. Thanks for a fun game, CtrlAltDel!

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Pet tricks you haven't tried yet
« on: December 03, 2012, 10:37:17 pm »
Up until just now, Talisman+Royal Seal+Treasure Map was on this list for me.

Then this happened:

I recently got Talisman/Watchtower/Treasure Map to line up. Four golds topdecked on turn 5. Very satisfying, although I did play the rest of the game all wrong and squeaked out a win.

2012 / Re: Thief Division: Bracket and Results
« on: December 03, 2012, 04:12:11 pm »
In Game 1 I brain farted and forged a Province and Estate into nothing, rather than a Gold and an Estate into a Province, so that definitely sealed my fate.

I'm learning a bunch about the thought process from Fabian's post-game analysis, and for the most part I still feel that I have about as much direction as the runny-nosed protagonists of the Blair Witch Project. I had fun, and I'll see y'all around the forums.

I just played an Alchemist game in which my opponent bought two potions too early and drew them simultaneously, which hurt his ability to buy Alchemists. So without a lot of money and +buy, two potions is going to cripple you early, when that extra potion could have been a silver or useful action letting you get Alchemists or Golems or whatever it is you need.

Even without +buy, an Ambassador/Potion opening allowed me to trim down my deck and consistently top-deck 5 alchemists, drawing $8P every turn and cleaning out anything he was giving me with his own Ambassador. It led to a rare game in which I won with 8 provinces (one on every turn from 14-22 except for turn 18, when I bought a Gold because I felt I needed to offset the green).

Gamelog, just cause I'm usually pretty awful at this game and kind of proud of it:

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