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Another Throne hung around, set aside, until you wanted to use it (it was $5 and also gave you +1 Action when played). This works differently from Throne in multiples; two of them would let you do an action three times total, since each one just did it an extra time. This card was cool and was in the set for a while, but setting it aside indefinitely was problematic - in the past we've included playmats for that, and I didn't want playmats here - and the card was strong. A few times Bill Barksdale built a deck with lots of these Thrones and an Altar, which would take advantage of not actually having to trash a card to Altar if there are none in your hand, and would suddenly buy a pile of Duchies. One of those games, Bill pared his deck down to just an Altar and five copies of this Throne, drew the five Thrones and then watched a trashing attack trash his Altar. Good times.
Another interesting Throne Room variant. I laughed hard reading the "trashed Altar story", thanks for sharing.
Oh I can fill in details on another story, mentioned in the uh rant in reply to someone saying "maybe you should get beat up by KC/Masq/Goons before giving an opinion of it." Once Trader's reaction was on a card that cost $2. There was a game with heavy trashing attacks, probably cards/versions that do not survive. Keeping cards over $2 was getting hard, and Bill built a deck out of $2's. It had the Trader-ish card, Pawn, and a version of Squire. He massed $2's and then suddenly gained a ton of Silver by buying Coppers, in a deck he was drawing all of prior to that. He lost some immediately but got some Provinces and went on to win.

Of course, the reason I was drawing all of my deck is that it was fewer than five cards.

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