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Author Topic: I just can't find a topic this time. Just a legendary game.  (Read 1095 times)

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I just can't find a topic this time. Just a legendary game.
« on: August 20, 2013, 01:51:13 pm »

BrokenTree v ksasaki:

Early game is already full of power plays, the king grabs a dominate castle lead and got monument, while I used confucius to sneak away his Empire(Peace and War you know);

Soon Enough I try to play my old card(Standard F&R) but I am constantly looking for Suburbia since I am really aware of Darwin(as I am 2 achievements behind the king can just meld Darwin and issue any Decree he want to end the game there)

Turns out is a massive Pressure Cooker...The king reduced his bulb to force me join that stuff  :P

So here we go the middle game, I used nearly 3 minutes to return the cards and we are playing mind games again(dunno why he cannot inspire green on Adam Smith -- possibly a bug)

Late game, the king wants to power play me out via George Stevenson -> massive achievements scandal but finally I got a useful Figure card which is, ROBERT E LEE the druid who suddenly gives me 2 more achievements. Now in-order to counteract his plan, I decided to decree a War and denial his age 7 top card since he only got 62 points and need to do a scoring before his 2nd achievement 7(I got 101 which I can achieve it twice). It turns out that the game comes down to a guess - if he succeed in his lighting rod and take away Robert then I will lose. He got 2 chances, though none of them hits me. I grab my second achievement 7 and finally escape from it.  ;D

You know, just the type of game that still thrives your heart lol


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Re: I just can't find a topic this time. Just a legendary game.
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2013, 04:07:24 pm »

I remember that game!  dougz had moved the inspire to the top of the cards, and I was still hunting around the left corner.  Nevertheless, it was pretty epic as I recall.  I remember that pressure cooker to remove 30 cards or so....
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