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Author Topic: [Featured] Echoes Strategy Guide: Basic Strategy  (Read 2040 times)

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[Featured] Echoes Strategy Guide: Basic Strategy
« on: April 25, 2013, 04:05:01 am »

Hi everyone, that’s Hideyoshi again~

There are more and more people start playing innovation, and some are already experienced players or even experts in base game. Some may want to like to start for the echoes after playing lots of base game, so I would like to write some strategy guides about echoes. I would like to say, I am not an expert in echoes game, and I am not even the top five in iso (normally sixth or seventh, anyway). But I just want more people enjoy the strategy in the innovation, so I just share some strategy from all my experience.

Anyway, I will separate the echo cards according to their ages, and this time, I start with a basic strategy guide in echo guide. I assume that all of you know about base set strategy already, such as the importance of scoring, tech up, broad building. If you do not know much about base set, please stop here and play base first; otherwise, you will just get a mess in echoes games.

A quick reference to all cards:

PS. It seems some people would not like to read too much at a time. I just post mine in separated topics rather than in one topic. If anyone thinks it is not OK, just tell me and I combine them anyway.

New features and new strategies

1.   In base game, you can win the game at age 4 by six achievements, but in echoes generally you cannot (at least I have never tried to do so). It is because it is not quite possible to get 7 achievements at the early stage of the game. But you may find that at echoes game, you may end the game early easier than base, more often end the game at age 7. It is because there are 5 new special achievements in the echoes game, and you may get them quite easily at age 7 by board expansion. You may say tech up and board expansion becomes more important than the base. Well, to me, age 7 echoes cards are really strong, much stronger than those in base set.

2.   Forecasting is the new features to the game. You may consider forecasting as setting a trap to your opponents or a sudden attack. It is often good for forecasting and foreshadowing, but it is not a good idea to foreshadow as sole dogma in one action, unless you really want to do so. It is a common mistake for beginners to foreshadow some high tech cards without actually tech up (such as using glassblowing to foreshadow a lot of 5s at age 2). In the reality, you do not contribute anything at this stage. Your opponents will use this period to score and claim achievements, however. Well, I advise beginners to foreshadow some cards you may forecast it in a short time, but do not forecast a card with too high value. Moreover, do not try to foreshadow 7 cards to claim Destiny as your first aim, but leave it as last resort. Destiny is not too easy to do so. And I often consider claiming Destiny quite wasting time actually.

3.   Echoes effect is the second features to the game. You may find it becomes useful when splaying. Well, some echoes effect may make damages to yours, but that’s not too many. Anyway, echoes effect makes the board splaying more important, which may lead to more effects for your dogma. However, you may need to remember, one more echo effect means you miss one more icons for your board. You may need to balance it; otherwise you may be lagged by icons.

4.   Bonus is the third features to the echoes game. Well, it is quite useful for scoring as every bonus counts as score, but it may not help too much if you are lag with a very large amount of score. Do remember only the highest bonus counts as its original value and the others only counts as one. It is similar to echo effect, which bonus may also reduce your number of icons on your board.

5.   Some specific new effects are introduced in the game, which making more achievements are quite new to the game. Some cards may return some cards as new achievements, which are chopsticks, toothbrushes, seed drill and ice cream (I hope I do not remember wrong). You may not return it, unless you are sure you can claim it by yourself, as these new achievements can be claimed by everyone. Among these four, chopsticks are generally the scary as you can easily claim a lot of 1s. Some cards may just achieve some cards in play, such as soap and hot air balloon. Well, just ensure you have enough score and a top card to claim it; otherwise you will waste a move.

6.   Due to introduction to new drawing system, drawing and returning is a strategy for drawing a new echoes card. Just to remember, if you wish to draw an echo card, you should keep no echo cards but some base cards in your hand at the moment of you draw. Due to the new drawing system, you may consider you can only have at most one 1 echoes card in your hand, unless you have something to steal others hands.

7.   There are more different strange effects. They may not be all strong, but they are quite new to the games. Some effects involve randomness, such as dentures and shrapnel, which you may not know which color is really scored until you use it. Some cards are more powerful at this age, such as you can return cards in score pile at age 3 by homing pigeons. Anyway, I will talk about these later.

8.   There are more cards for you to win suddenly, but these cards are generally more difficult to do so than the base cards. (And some cards are really a sudden attack, such as saxophone and rock.) Well, just to remember them, but you are not advised to use them as your first aim anyway…

9.   Last but not least, keep it in your mind, echo cards are not always more useful than the base cards. Some of them are really powerful, but not all. You may still get some dummies in echoes, even in age 10.

Hope all guys like this~
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