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Author Topic: No +2 Actions Cards in a Throne Room. Lots of +1Actions in a Market.  (Read 551 times)

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In this game I won via 3 pile of Market(Opponent's favorite card next to silver and gold), Curse(Witches o.o), and Throne Room(My creative way to get +Actions).

Things to note otherwise:
-New player, Lelouch vi Britannia, that I went on and gave a few tips like Penultimate Province. I also introduced him to
-Owns Dominion and lives in England. Hopefully he shall join us here at the forum, and those of you living in England can play w/ him irl.
-This isn't so much about the game itself as much as it is about the possibility that we may have just gotten a new victim member to our site.
-Also, I am back, although I am significantly more inactive than in the past. I shall be playing more online from now on, starting December 25th.
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