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Author Topic: [^_^_^_^'s 7Market/3Caravan/Chapel V.S. Sun's Ambassador/3Market/7Caravan]  (Read 540 times)

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In this game I started off 5/2 versus my opponent's 4/3. I went 5/2 Market/Chapel Figuring that my opponent wasn't a player I knew for loving Ambass/Ambass (Or knew at all for that matter). I saw that if he didn't go for Ambass he may try Trade Route or a weird combo of both. However, it was obvious that Market and Caravan would play a big roll anyways so centering my whole game around Markets wouldn't be a bad idea since, at least in theory, someone mass buying $5 cards should do better than someone mass buying $4 cards. (assuming cantrips)

My opponent went Caravan/Gold/Silver for the most part. Focusing on Gold towards the end. His deck however wasn't well made to handle green cards unlike mine made so as to draw more than the whole deck before even buying my greens, as well as having extra markets. Basically I built up an advantage just before going for greens. I then made sure that my plan would work as I finished the market pile after he finished the caravan pile. One pile left. Greens to go for... need a low pile.... he went Ambass... Hmm... wonder what pile.... I have no idea... Maybe... Oh, Estates? I guessed Pearl Divers, dang...

So, basically my plan was to slowly dwindle the Estates down but keeping them around 4-5. This way only I could buy them all in 1 turn easily and I could make sure I had more VP when I did. Sun unexpectedly used his last turn (although he didn't know it then obviously) to buy 2 estates. He put himself just 2 points above me, but I bought the last 3 estates with $4 to spare(would've ended it without his help  8) ), ending the game on a 3-pile Markets, Caravans, Estates and 1 point ahead.  ;D GG Sun!
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