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Author Topic: Bughouse Dominion - A terrible idea made at the perfect time  (Read 1059 times)

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Bughouse Dominion - A terrible idea made at the perfect time
« on: August 01, 2011, 06:43:40 am »

This was made at about 1:00 AM, with one tryout game and implications worked out at around 3:00 AM

There are two teams of players, with one from each team in a game (two games of Dominion). Players may not directly buy or gain cards from the game they are not in.

Players go in turn order, sitting across from their partner (alternates T1P1, T2P1, T2P1, T2P2).

All rules of Dominion are conserved, with one exception; if you would gain a card, your partner does instead. Gain in hand = gain in partner's hand, gain on deck = gain on partner's deck.

Implications: Sea Hag makes one member discard the top, and the other member gets a Curse on top (aka Sea Hags stack).

It is rare that a team member will ever actually get cards from their game. The two cards that seem to bypass the rule are Ambassador and Jester. (Ambassador, return a card from the other game, the opponent in your game gains a card, which means their partner gains that card instead, so Ambassador is even better. This is reliant on your partner buying you an Ambassador though  ;))

Draw engines are weakened, because when buying, you can't improve your engine directly. You must buy cards that maximize the partner's ability to improve your engine, and vice versa. (Trashing is similarly weakened, the money bought by the partner gets shuffled in later.)

Torturer's attack reads "Discard 2 cards, or your partner gains a curse in his or her hand." This is very silly.
If one game has Workshop, and the other Gardens, one player can have lots of workshops but no gardens, while the other has lots of gardens but no workshop. And then the Gardens player can't buy anything without messing up the partner's deck, so the partner needs +Buy in the game with workshop.......

So this is pretty silly, and on retrospect (as in 20 minutes later) this idea isn't actually that good. But it's worth a shot if you want something silly (like Swindler trashing the top card of one person's deck and giving a card to the partner, or not giving a card at all if a $7 cost is trashed and there's no $7 in the other game  :P)
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