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Author Topic: Open remake, finish with gardens. fv/jack.  (Read 497 times)

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Open remake, finish with gardens. fv/jack.
« on: July 30, 2012, 03:03:45 am »

First let me apologize for spamming this board today, I played all day and had some interesting games.

Border Village, Council Room, Fishing Village, Gardens, Jack of All Trades, Potion, Remake, Spice Merchant, Talisman, Transmute, and Tribute
So the idea was to use jack of all trades' draw-to-x with fishing village to gain a lot of silvers.  Use council room to get +buy for multiple gardens at a time, and remake silvers into gardens as well.  Border village is another way to get a bonus card.
It would have been cool to work Talisman in, but there just won't be time I think.

I really like this one because it uses two cards in uncommon ways:  multiple Jacks in an engine, and remake more to get cards more than trashing coppers and estates.

Turn 10 I gained 4 gardens.  At this point I was a little worried my strategy wouldn't work out; I had only 25 cards or so in my deck, and my opponent was pretty set to get a province a turn.  In the end I'm able to get up to 41 cards though.
I really liked my turn 12 draw:
 (carstimon draws: 5 Jacks of All Trades.)
and I actually managed to play all 5.
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