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Author Topic: tactician/fg vs. tactician/goons/possession  (Read 621 times)

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tactician/fg vs. tactician/goons/possession
« on: July 04, 2012, 06:37:50 pm »

I just played the following board:

fools gold
throne room, salvager
tactician, inn, cartographer
fairgrounds, goons
Don't remember the last card, neither of us got one.

We both open tactician/fools gold.  tact/fg can be very fast, and salvager can help speed it up to fight an opponent who's going for a long game.  It's weak to possession though, because a possession on your tactician hand hurts a lot. 

My opponent did tact/fg.  I half-heartedly got fg, I think we split 6/4 just because I was lucky with my tactician.  Then I transitioned- I got a salvager and some throne rooms and a possession, and trashed my fools golds whenever.  I built a limping double tactician deck (using inn and cartographer to hit my second tactician) which usually hit a couple of goons and a possession. 

Discard attack (goons) and possession together is tricky; if your opponent knows a possession is coming they just discard good cards.  I don't think it's that bad though; if you don't possess they are left with a bad hand, and maybe you can throne room a possession.

My opponent resigned when there were 3 provinces left (4 were in his deck, 1 was in the trash) and I had 20 vp tokens.  I think he still had a good chance considering salvager.  But my double tactician deck was just reaching its peak I think.

I'd like to play this one again.  Very interesting interactions.  I think tactician/fg/salvager can beat what I did but I'm not srue.
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