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Author Topic: Sentiments to Isotropic (and Dougz)  (Read 9523 times)

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Re: Sentiments to Isotropic (and Dougz)
« Reply #25 on: March 15, 2013, 07:24:09 pm »

I'm also rather unmotivated to completely start the leaderboard from scratch.  I can maintain my rating on iso with ease, but I don't play nearly enough online dominion anymore to get to where I would want to be on Goko.

Don't worry, it's not very hard to move up (or down *cough*) the pro leaderboard. Especially if you are a great player, which you are.

Moving down is way too easy.  :(  I barely climb at all on wins but can fall 40 places with a single loss.

Well, if you're playing people with a lower rating, then winning will do very little and losing will do quite a lot.  I was at like #70-ish, and then I had a losing streak, and I'm slowly clawing my way back out of the triple digits.
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