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Author Topic: I'm back, although you probably didn't know I was even there  (Read 691 times)

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Hey everyone. I've been posting on these forums at the very beginning, but then I stopped playing isotropic regularly for various reason, which meant that the level 30 +/- I had worked on so hard is now back to level 10  :'(... but I recently bought Hinterlands, finally, and decided to get back here, to enjoy the last months of Isotropic. ;)

Who am I, though ? I'm a 19-year old French student in political science, and I'm engaged in a bunch of nerdy things, although I hate, hate math with a passion. Mostly, I play boardgames, read fantasy/SF, watch a bunch of American/British TV shows, and yeah, occasionally study.

I've been playing Dominion for... let's see, my family offered me the base game + Seaside at Christmas 2009 I think. I then proceeded to get the other expansions gradually, and discovered Isotropic, along with theory's site, at some point (is that data available on Councilroom ?).

I'm quite glad that the community seems to be more active than ever  :).
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