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Marvel Comics "as is real" for people a little geeky and analytical


I am a bit of a Dominion fan... I started playing back around 2011. I won the online championship around 2013. My current rating hovers around 60. I play far far far too much.

I have found people who are into Dominion tend to intersect on two things:
1- A little bit geeky
2- A little bit analytical

(maybe more than a little on both...)

A buddy and I have started a new podcast a couple of months ago that may appeal to folks with that intersection.

The premise is that we are radio commentators in the early 1960s in the "Marvel Universe". We have knowledge of the "public" things that happen in the comic when they happen. We move froward through the issues as if they are happening on the date they are published (i.e., The Fantastic Four appear in November 1961.

We ask the questions we think we would personally ask if we were living in that world. We end up discussing things like the impact of super heroes on the Cold War, if Ironman is a good use of StarkCorp shareholder capital, the psychological impact of super powers on the previous elite, the political implications of mind control, and lots more.

Most episodes are less than ten minutes and they come out three times per week (Mon/Tue/Wed)

Here is the website (each episode has an email associated that has the cover art of the issue covers, a short summary of the topics covered, and a summary of the comic itself):

Here is the Apple Podcasts link (obviously available on other players too!):

Would love to know what people here think.



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