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Author Topic: Wiki update project  (Read 900 times)

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Wiki update project
« on: April 22, 2021, 02:31:58 am »

The folks at the Dominion Discord have undertaken a major project to revamp the Dominion Strategy Wiki. A lot of this is really beneficial—providing updated strategy outlines for cards which don't have strategy advice already in the wiki, or about which the existing strategy advice is out of date because our thinking about strategy has evolved; adding new articles for strategic concepts that didn't have in-depth articles before; etc. Other changes planned may be more controversial, such as deleting the existing articles for combos and synergies of specific cards.  Once a page has been updated, it's semi-protected so new accounts can't edit it, with the note "this page has been edited to the satisfaction of the dominion discord. please come engage with us before editing this page!"

I have mixed feelings about this project, personally (and I'm not involved in it, not being a Discord user); but I certainly think the Dominion Strategy Forum should at least be notified about the ongoing renovation of the Dominion Strategy Wiki.


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Re: Wiki update project
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2021, 12:58:51 pm »

I am involved somewhat with the updating wiki project on Discord.  We noticed that the wiki was very out of date, and much of the strategy information was misleading, out of date, or just plain wrong.  Some percentage of the people on the discord are also on the forum, and I guess no one made an official announcement here (sorry about that!).  We respect the hard work of everyone that contributed to the blog (especially theory), and want to continue that to update it to have the latest information, as well as serving as an educational resource for newer players.

Regarding locked pages: After spending significant effort updating and improving some pages, we noticed a couple people would immediately change the edited page to have content that was wrong or irrelevant.  (I realize this is somewhat subjective, but for some things we agreed unanimously that the changes were not helpful).  If the user didn't have an account, we weren't able to engage them on their talk page to discuss the change and see if we could change their mind (or they change ours), hence the restriction for accounts. 

Regarding deleting some pages, it will not be a decision made lightly.  Mostly though, it's a question of does the content deserve a standalone page, or is it better suited to fit in with the entry for one of the cards.  For example, market square + peddler go well together.  However, so does grand market + peddler.  So at some point, it seems to make sense that the Peddler page wants to say that it synergizes with +buy and cantrips (e.g. market square), and a dedicated page for that card combination doesn't seem necessary.  Regarding synergies on a given card page, these seemed to be done in a very ad hoc way, with many things that are very minor mentioned (and some being IMO wrong).  We are discussing these at they come up.  If someone feels very strongly about a change that is made, we can discuss the particulars of that.

Regarding combos, is an example.  That page is still there, but there is a "Controversy" section that has been added.  In the current setup, I would advocate that a blog post describing that combo along with a sample game would be a better venue for this.  More likely, one of the youtubers would make a video about it.  For example: does not have the information from on it.  Does stockpile/gamble need its own dedicate page?  Or is a mention and link to that video on the wiki sufficient?  Or should there be a blog post describing it in detail (essentially the script of the video).  These are questions we are wrestling with. 

We're also hoping to take some content that is not necessarily relevant in the wiki sense and posting to the blog, of which I've posted a couple articles in the last month.  Truffles mentioned the blog actually sees the most activity of any of the pages, so good content there will keep people checking it, and hopefully browse the wiki and find their way to this forum and/or more serious dominion.
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