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Author Topic: Can you win this turn 7 (Hinterlands)  (Read 922 times)

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Can you win this turn 7 (Hinterlands)
« on: July 15, 2020, 02:12:16 am »

You have been playing a very strange game of Dominion using the cards from the set Hinterlands. You started casually, more interested in making a fun and goofy deck than winning. Your opponent has been gaining a massive amount of Silver and Gold, and has started taunting you about how they will crush you under their piles of big money. You have had enough and decided to start playing more seriously, to win. You really want to see the look of shock on your opponent's face when they realize all of their money is meaningless in the end. You start your turn strong, combining Crossroads and Margrave to draw your entire deck. You are confident you can have a great turn, but is there any way to outright win?

(High Resolution image here:

Note: I'll be camping for the next few weeks, so I may not be able to respond or post another puzzle until I return. Enjoy the remainder of your July everyone!


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Re: Can you win this turn 7 (Hinterlands)
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2020, 04:29:19 pm »

Your opponent has 1 Province, 1 Duchy, 2 Estates, and 3 Tunnels for 17 points. 

You have one action remaining.  Play BV.  Play Develop on Haggler, gaining BV and Trader to deck (BV on top), Silver (from BV) to discard pile. 

You have one action remaining again.  Play BV, drawing BV.  Play BV, drawing Trader.  Now you have 3 actions. 

Play one Trader on Gold, gaining 6 Silvers.  There are now 9 silvers left in the supply. 

Play Embassy, drawing 5 Silvers.  Discard 3 Tunnels, gaining Gold but using Trader to replace the Gold with Silver.  There are now 6 Silvers left in the supply. 

Play the other Trader on the other Gold, gaining the remaining Silvers. 

You have 5 Silvers in your hand and two buys, which you use for Duchy and Tunnel.  BV, Tunnel, and Silver piles are empty and you have 1 Province, 1 Duchy, 5 Tunnels for 19 points. 
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