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Author Topic: 2020 Dominion World Cup Tournament Update: Quarterfinals and Semifinals  (Read 1139 times)

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With the Championship and Third Place matches coming up, we take a look at how we got there.


In the only "upset" of the first round, we saw Group B runner-up Team Japan eliminate Group A winner Team USA A. With victories by cha-shu over Mic Qsenoch (4-2) and kazumaru0828 over elementmario222 (4-2) and a 3-3 draw between sillypotter and nasmith99, Team Japan advanced only needing to play 3 matches.

In another clash requiring only 3 matches, Team Canada A eliminated Team United Kingdom with a 4-2 victory by kaplane over Rabid, a 5-1 victory by xyrix over heth, and a 4-2 victory by amoffett11 over Gazbag. This set up a Semifinal match with Team Japan.

Our only Quarterfinal match requiring more than 3 matches actually required 5. In regulation time, Team France jumped out to a 2-1 lead over Team USA B with a 4-2 victory by gamesou over Lemonspawn and 3-3 ties between bouchon and rsilverstein12 and La-Ya and Emeric. Down 3-2 in his match, rsilverstein12 saved a "match point" when securing his draw. With his team down 2-1, Team Captain aku chi needed at least 4 wins in his match with Marin. After falling behind 2-1, he persevered and won 3 straight games to set up a tie-breaker match (and rematch) with Marin. With a 3-1 victory by aku, Team USA B advanced to the Semifinals.

In the last quarterfinal match, Team Germany eliminated Team East Europe in only three matches, 2.5-0.5. Sicomatic ran his undefeated streak to 24 games in a victory over Magyi, while E.Honda secured a full point with a 6-0 victory over awaclus. A draw between RTT and Jean-Michel meant that Team Germany had done enough to await the tie-breaker winner.


In the first Semifinal, Team Japan couldn't continue their run through the North American teams. After defeating Team USA B in their Group Stage match and Team USA A in the Quarterfinals, Team Canada A put an end to the Japanese team's championship hopes in 3 matches, all played on the same day. xyrix started the Canadian's day off on the right foot with a 4-2 victory over cha-shu. A 3-3 tie between amoffett11 and kazumaru028 meant that we went into the evening match between truffles and yudai214 with Team Canada knowing they could advance with a win. truffles pulled through, 4-2 win, sending Team Canada to their first ever World Cup Championship Match.

Delayed a week by the USA B/France playoff, the second semifinal took place the following week. Team USA B got off to a fast start, with La-Ya not only ending Sicomatic's undefeated run, but also securing a full point with a 4-2 match victory. The next two matches were played almost simultaneously, with Freaky vs. aku chi and RTT vs. Lemonspawn starting only a half hour apart. With aku chi earning a 5-1 victory, the American team vaulted to a 2-0 match lead and 9-3 lead in games. RTT was able to mitigate the damage with a 5-1 victory of his own, setting the stage for the final match between E.Honda and rsilverstein12. Needing at least a 4-2 victory to keep Team Germany A alive, E.Honda did one better, winning the match 5-1. This tied the overall match at 2-2, but based on the total wins tiebreaker (13-11), Team Germany A advanced to the Championship Match.


Lineups for the Championship and Third Place Matches have been submitted, with the following pairings (and match times, if scheduled).

Championship (Team Germany A vs. Team Canada A)

RTT vs. kaplane
E.Honda vs. xyrix
Sicomatic vs. truffles (March 6, 1700 UTC)
drsteelhammer vs. amoffett11 (March 7, 1600 UTC)

Third Place (Team Japan vs. Team USA B)

pop180 vs. aku chi
cha-shu vs. Lemonspawn (March 5, 1200 UTC)
yudai214 vs. La-Ya (March 7, 1200 UTC)
kazumaru0828 vs. bluey_the_bear

Good luck to the players and we hope to see everybody else as spectators. We are working on forming commentary teams for as many of these matches as possible.

The bracket and results can be found here:
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