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Author Topic: Season 38 - Newsletter: The Last Six-Tier Season  (Read 977 times)

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Season 38 - Newsletter: The Last Six-Tier Season
« on: January 20, 2020, 11:26:56 pm »

Hello everyone!

At Season 37's Town Hall, we hammered out the details of a major overhaul of the League's tier system, and then the winning option was overwhelmingly favored over the status quo. Here's a quick synopsis if you missed it: We're adding two new tiers between the current D and E tiers, and E and F tiers, composed of equally many players from each of those neighboring tiers. Instead of calling these tiers "D/E" or "F+", we're just going to relabel all of the tiers A through H (just think of F and H as the old E and F, with the new E and G being those hybrid divisions).

With Season 38 as the last season on the old system, there will be special one-time rules for which positions will end up in which tiers in Season 39:

Other Changes
See the minutes which will be posted below for full details.
  • Suggested schedules are back for divisions in E and below (both this season and in the future).
  • New players will now be seeded above players returning to the same tier.
  • We clarified some rules around the championship match.

Moderator Churn
For the second straight season, all ten moderators will be continuing on. Hooray for a consistent team!

As a reminder, you can reply to this forum post with any reasonably-complete suggestions you would like the moderators to discuss at their next rules meeting, tentatively scheduled for the weekend of March 14-15, and we guarantee we will discuss and vote on your suggestion. (You can also still give feedback in the Returning Forms and through Town Halls as usual.)
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Re: Season 38 - Newsletter: The Last Six-Tier Season
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2020, 11:15:33 pm »

Full Rules Meeting Minutes:
  • Returning Form Questions
    • Suggested Schedules
      • Poll: Which divisions should get suggested schedules? (Approval voting.)
        • (0) All divisions.
        • (5) All with at least one new player.
        • (4) All with at least two new players.
        • (7) All in E and F.
        • (3) All in D, E and F.
        • (3) No divisions.
      • Consensus was that they were helpful for new players and lower-tier divisions, but useless for experienced and higher-tier divisions. Both factors seemed important, and tier-based conditions are simpler to execute.
      • New Player Seeding
        • Motion to seed New players ahead of Staying players.
          • Result: YES (1 dissenting)
        • Player opinion was pretty muted on this topic. Moderators went with the category with a better track record to reduce the chance of many good players ending up in the same division.
      • Town Hall
        • New Tier Structure
          • Motion to transition to the proposed tier system from the town hall ( with the proposed transition scheme applying between any seasons <= 38 to >= 39.
            • Result: YES (unanimous)
          • Player opinion, as expressed in the town hall, was abundantly clear. It will take time to adjust to the new system, but it should increase competitiveness.
            • Motion not to worry about seeding comparisons for players with different season breaks across the boundary.
              • Result: YES (unanimous)
            • There will be issues comparing the recent League histories of players who take a break and then return. We will postpone discussion of how to handle the seeding for any such players until after the majority transition.
          • Suggestions from Discord
            • Championship match should affect seeding/display order
              • Should the championship winner be (somehow) listed first in the A1 division standings (with super minor seeding consequences)?
                • Result: YES (unanimous)
              • The only seeding effect is if both players demote with the same record the following season (or after any number of seasons in which they tie). The main ease is that it will mean the player listed first is the winner.
                • If there is a tie for 2nd place (including a 3-3 head-to-head) in the A1 division, should we (1) apply the second tiebreaker to break the tie, or (2) have another tiebreaker match to determine who gets to play in the championship?
                  • Result: Option 1 (1 dissenting)
                • An extra prerequisite match to add before the championship match would just add needless hassle to the end of the season. It also doesn't affect promotion or demotion, following our previous trend.
                  • Dissent (singletee): I'm generally opposed to the use of the second tiebreaker. I feel that the championship match and qualification for it are comparable in importance to promotion/demotion. This applies to A tier only, so the involved players are likely to be able to handle the extra-extra match.
                    • Should (1) the second tiebreaker break a complete tie (same overall record, 6-6 head-to-head) in the championship, or (2) should we have an armageddon game?
                      • Result: Option 2 (1 dissenting)
                    • Following the same rules as other ties atop divisions would require a 2-3 game match, but since they're already playing, tacking one game onto the end is more appropriate.
                      • In the Armageddon game, who should start?
                        • (2) The player who had a better head-to-head in the regular season
                        • (0) The player who has played better in the match so far is P1
                        • (7) Random start.
                      • This treats the regular-season and championship match equally, and also handles the case when both matches are 3-3.
                        • Dissent (nottoobad): In all other divisions, regular season head-to-head decides the winner when 1st and 2nd are otherwise tied. In the A division, it should still have some benefit regardless of championship match game 1-6 performance.
                      • Player Suggestions
                        • Match Announcements
                          • Motion not to make match announcements "mandatory" but to encourage them across the board.
                            • Result: YES (unanimous)
                          • One player suggested making them mandatory, but we decided that we didn't like any possible enforcement mechanisms. Instead, we will be providing instructions in the opening Discord posts to encourage announcements.
                          • Undo Policy
                            • Motion not to change the undo policy.
                              • Result: YES (unanimous)
                            • One player wanted to outlaw undo's across the board. Undo's are important for players to play at a reasonable pace, which is why our default policy is fairly generous towards them.
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