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Author Topic: Combo: Dismantle, Catapult and Spices  (Read 733 times)

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Combo: Dismantle, Catapult and Spices
« on: July 14, 2019, 10:11:56 am »

Unexpected little combo I came across in  recent game.

Context:  The only chaining in the deck is from Apothecary and Alchemist.  On any given turn, could only play a total of 2 terminal actions.  (due to the event citadel enabling +1 extra action).  You already own at least a gold, and a spices, and are roughly chaining your deck.

Execution:  Dismantle a gold into a spices (giving +2 coffers) and a gold.  Then Catapult a spices.  This curses your opponent and forces them to discard down to 3.

Net Effect:  +2 coffers, +1 coin and the brutal attack of opponent gains a curse and opponent discards down to 3.   Interestingingly, this dismantle + catapult play is similar to playing 2 giants.   The economy is a little weaker.  (+3 coin instead of +6) but the attack is much stronger IMHO.   This combo always forces a curse on opponent AND makes them discard down to 3.  Giant only sometimes gains a curse.

Optional Econ building step:   Adding a middle step of dismantling the spices to a gold + silver - and then catapulting the silver instead, allows you to gain a gold out of the sequence.  so Dismantle, Dismantle, Catapult = Gain a gold, +2 coffers, +1 coin, opponent gains curse and opponent discards to 3.
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Re: Combo: Dismantle, Catapult and Spices
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2019, 10:31:54 pm »

It's cool that that worked, but it probably belongs here:

This thread is for strategy articles that you want the community to learn from.  Your combo required 4 specific cards that will never show up together again, and it also required extra conditions that usually aren't true, so it will be almost impossible to apply outside of that specific game.  If you wanted to write a general strategy article on uses for Dismantle, or on how to balance terminals when +Actions is limited but draw is not, either of those would fit well in this subforum.
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