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Author Topic: If I buy a subscription, can I pre-select a kingdom card to play with?  (Read 312 times)

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Knights. I love knights and it'd be awesome to play some games in a row with them.

But y'know, sometimes I encounter a card, lose badly and want to try again immediately. Like the first time I got my hands on a rats and then the rats where everywhere. In cases like that, I'd love to immediately play again with a different kingdom including that card and see if I can learn by trial and error.

So that's that for context, can I do it?

Can I set up a table, to match with

I have a free account at for now, and did not see an option for it (unless I have to make all cards unfamiliar except for... ?). Did I miss that option somewhere? Or is it a subscription-only option?


(there must have been discussions on this before, but with a keyword search I couldn't find old threads on this topic)
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When you create a table, you can select kingdom cards. Free accounts also have this feature, but you can't do it for automatched games, only for a table.
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Automatch-able games with control over the kingdom is the one feature that would get me to start paying again.
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