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Author Topic: Black Market and Heirlooms Setup?  (Read 181 times)

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Black Market and Heirlooms Setup?
« on: January 08, 2019, 10:40:39 am »

If Supply cards with Heirlooms are included in the Black Market, should the Initial Desk Coppers be replaced with their corresponding Heirloom?
This same question Principle goes towards any other cards that require 'Setup cards', such as Vampire/Bat, etc.
My guess is Yes.

But the Black Market Rules Clarification section has a few statements that this might not be 'recommended' setup for Black Market (and that I would be playing a 'variant')
It states '... It does not include cards with an obvious setup that would give away what's in the Black Market deck...' This statement makes me feel that the 'setup' of having the Heirlooms would 'give away' that the Heirloom's 'origin' cards is available in the Black Market.
But as a counterpoint to that statement is states '... All players can see which cards are placed in the Black Market deck before the game begins...', so in this section since there an ability to 'see' the Black Market deck, there is no limitation on avoiding 'giving away' the fact Heirloom's 'origin' cards are in the Black Market.


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Re: Black Market and Heirlooms Setup?
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2019, 10:57:30 am »

Yes, cards in the Black Market cause all setup stuff to happen. Although the Black Market FAQ doesn't state this; it's stated in several different FAQs for other cards with setups:

Young Witch:
If you are using the promotional card Black Market, and Young Witch is in the Black Market deck, put out a Bane pile for Young Witch.

In games using this card, each player starts the game with a Coin token. This includes games using the promo card Black Market in which Baker is in the Black Market deck.

Trade Route:
If you are using Black Market and Trade Route is in the Black Market deck, put tokens on Victory card piles at the start of the game.

And quote from Donald about Heirlooms:

Everyone's favorite rules question: If these kingdom cards are in the Black Market deck, are the Heirlooms used?
I recommend not putting them in the Black Market deck, but yes, you do all setup for Black Market deck cards.
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