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Author Topic: Did you know archived the front page of the old Making Fun client?  (Read 896 times)

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It even auto-plays the title screen music! None of the buttons work anymore, but you can click them if you want.

Although the site isn't functional, if you look in the source code you can find a bunch of Javascript libraries. is one of them, where FSSDK.js is likely short for Funsockets SDK, and is the Javascript for the game UI. The code is surprisingly readable - it's not fully minified so a lot of the variable names make sense.
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Transcript of future Internet archaeologists discovering this

"Like BrettSpielWelt, this site will forever be a mystery.  What was Making Fun?  And how did it manage to be preserved for so many years?"
"It must have been much better than its predecessor Isotropic, about which we know nothing."
"Say, let's bring it back to life by using technology."

Executable download required

"What's normal to it - amazes us!"
"It will be our new official Dominion Online client."
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