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Author Topic: Goat as a kingdom card with its own heirloom... (semi-joke cards)  (Read 109 times)

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$2 Treasure
When you play this, you may trash a card from your hand. If you trashed an Overgrown Estate this way, you may gain a Well-Kept Estate.
Heirloom: 2 Unruly Weeds (in place of two coppers). Also replace of one of your starting Estates with an Overgrown Estate.

Unruly Weeds
$0 Treasure-Reaction-Heirloom
When you play this or reveal it to an opponent's attack, gain an Unruly Weeds from its pile.

Well-Kept Estate
$3 Action - Victory
Set this aside until the end of the game.
Worth 3VP if you have a Goat in your deck and no Unruly Weeds. Otherwise worth Worth 2VP if you have a Goat in your deck OR no Unruly Weeds. Otherwise worth 1VP.

=68.ARBL3yA8pNwXkoS8wC5nmPSK4g4IlJ-rJ-qqr6zpyTv2XFqtyEVXWsPxi7SdV25NdDK5IPcxRwu3YwFhz1_y-e1xrTgNwueBdez8BNqn0LQjlqwM3liX5x1MIeC3Qikt8EfsgQ4XyJViC-8pxYWHV_vBSXUiWphTC2Rh_wSAywv2HL22iZOch4DHf8zvWyq2MU3QHkjrCspaUsPHLwqACd0r3qCS-5SZdDX4vdSBWdq--XA1C5cdUl8-RhMGre9QT0c&__tn__=H-R]Goats used as trashers IRL
(It appears I have forgotten how to correctly link something...)
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