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Author Topic: City Quarter, Witch, Lurker, slow trashing with benefits  (Read 368 times)

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City Quarter, Witch, Lurker, slow trashing with benefits
« on: September 02, 2018, 10:43:07 am »

I just played the following kingdom:

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City Quarter, Lurker, Pearl Diver, Swindler, Island, Poacher, Sacrifice, Salvager, Merchant Ship, Witch, Banquet, Triumphal Arch
I drew a random kingdom, then replaced Ghost Ship with Witch; I think my gf might have injured me if I had Ghost Ship'd her CQs into oblivion every turn ;)

So, this kingdom. Drawing cards is good and CQ is key in this. It's pricey and weak early. It can be gained with Lurker, but that's only non-risky if you're already drawing your deck and Lurker is not amazing early. It really hates non-actions, e.g. Curse and treasures. Those can be trashed with Salvager and/or Sacrifice, but both of those are slow. There are cute tricks you can do with Lurker; e.g. Salvager/Witch or Sacrifice/Island, then regain the trashed card. Or you can steal actions with Swindler/Lurker. There's virtual money in Swindler and Merchant Ship, but the duration effect of the latter causes a lowers action density compared to non-duration actions. Then again, it also increases your CQ density. A minor interaction is that Witch is great at emptying one pile fairly early, which turns Poacher into Oasis which is not super strong. Also, Lurker is great at end-game pile control.

Getting to the point where you're drawing deck is a drawn-out process. You're getting curses dumped on you, your trashing is terminal, the villages are expensive and the draw is weak until you have a high action density. In both my games, by the time I was drawing deck I had to green on a tight schedule—the missus really likes Island.
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