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Author Topic: greetings fellow nerds  (Read 530 times)

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greetings fellow nerds
« on: August 04, 2018, 02:58:07 pm »

Long-time Dominion player, first time posting on these forums, tho! It's been a while since I liked a game enough to get on the forums, but maybe it will help me become a better player.

I started out playing IRL with my friends, soon around 40 of my friends/neighbors/etc all played, had a tournament irl, etc. But learning with the physical game can be slow. So I jumped onto Goku at the time, and got many more games under my belt (some online strangers, some real-life friends too) - it goes so much faster when automated! Sadly, my internet connection has sucked for years, although it is sometimes better now. Maybe that's part of what made other players mad at me a lot, because my games would just drop with my internet! ugh haha. eventually i got better at seeking a more stable connection first. but dang,  it seemed like so many other players were just super mean jerks. so I am glad to find this forum and find more friendly players now. Let the nerding begin!

Nice to meet you all!
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