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Author Topic: What are some of the cases of "halfway point" you've experienced?  (Read 551 times)

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Basic rule of thumb is usually # of Provinces left in games with just that, and no Colonies:
2p: 4 Provinces
3p: 6
4p: 6
5p: "7.5", so either 7 or 8 left
6p: 9

Any other unique cases that stood out?  Either you knew of it far ahead of time, or you initially missed it, and were way past that "halfway point" by the time you did notice.

For me:
1) One case, Ill-Gotten Gains and another card were the group's "faves" in a 4p game.  Well, IGG also empties the Curses in sync, and as that other card was emptying, it hit us that yeah, if you haven't greened up, NOW's the time!

2) In a BSW 3p game when it was just base game...
We had a rush on 3 piles.  We've managed to trash our starting Estates, but when it was down to 1 pile left, *I* had an "epiphany" where I'd better get more points, and so did that other player!  I played a Festival and managed to buy an Estate and Duchy.  Before me, one other player managed to buy 2 Estates.  The end score was me: 4, that player: 2, and p3: 0!

3) Salt The Earth
It was difficult getting to $8, but $4 for Salt The Earth wasn't as improbable.  As such, the # of $4 turns was the thing that was setting the pace of the game.  Not $8 Buys.
Village, +2 Actions.  Village, +3 Actions.  Village, +4 Actions.  Village, +5 Actions.  Village, +6 Actions.  Village, +7 Actions.  Workers Village, +2 Buys, +8 Actions.  End Action Phase.  No Treasures to play.  No buy.  No Night cards to play
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